BookMyShow Movies – How to Purchase a Movie Ticket on BookMyShow

Have you ever booked a movie ticket online before via the BookMyShow platform? If you haven’t, then you are really missing out on a lot. But before I go on further in this article, I would love to ask, what ‘BookMyShow movies’ is? Guess you don’t know. Well, that’s what you are about to find out in this article.

BookMyShow Movies

BookMyShow is an online entertainment ticket purchasing or booking platform based in India. On this platform, users can easily buy and purchase tickets for shows, live events, sports, movies, and other forms of entertainment all from their internet-enabled devices and the comfort of their homes or on the go.

BookMyShow Movies

This platform is a very popular platform in India and a host of other Asian countries. Most people really find it easy purchasing movie tickets on this platform than having to wait in a queue on ticketing booth. The platform has over 30 million customers. BookMyShow processes over 15 million tickets per month.

The BookMyShow online platform has over 2 billion page views monthly. This platform is available in five countries and over 650 towns and cities. These and a host of other interesting facts make the platform very interesting. And also with the above facts, you can clearly see that people love purchasing tickets on this very platform.

Benefits of BookMyShow Movies

The benefit of making use of this platform is straightforward. Making use of this platform makes your work easier and stress-free as everything is digitized. You can easily book a ticket for a movie in time for that same movie. Imagine having to purchase a movie ticket on the day of that movie premiere and missing out on the movie due to the long waiting list in the ticket stand? That won’t be interesting of course. This is where the importance of this platform comes into play.

Types of Movies to Book on BookMyShow

Normally since it’s an Indian platform, one might easily conclude as to the type of movies on the platform (Bollywood). Trust me, on this platform users can book any type of movie they want, whether its Bollywood or Hollywood. But of course, majority of the movies on the platform are Bollywood movies.

How to Purchase a Movie Ticket on BookMyShow

Booking a movie ticket on this platform is easy. Unlike every other booking platform online, you don’t have to register an account before you can be able to book a movie. All you have to do to book a movie is to visit the platform online, select the movie you want to book, and start the booking process. That’s how easy it is. If you haven’t done this before, you will need to be guided. So you have nothing to worry about because that’s why I am here, to put you through. To book a movie, follow the steps below;

  • On your device go to
  • On the homepage, select your city.
  • Search for the movie you want to watch and click on it.
  • Click on tickets on the next [page.
  • Select the date you want to watch your movie.
  • From the list, select your preferred movie theater.
  • Select show timing and accept.
  • Select seats based on prices and rows.
  • Click on pay and follow the on-screen instructions to process your payment.

After getting your booking summary, select your ticket type and click on proceed. That’s how you book a movie on this platform


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