BookMyShow: How to Book a Ticket on BookMyShow

Do you want to buy a movie or event ticket such as sports but yet do not feel like going to a ticket stand in order to purchase? If you have ever felt like this, then this article is for you. This is where BookMyShow comes in.

BookMyShow is an Indian platform just in case you are wondering. This is India’s largest online entertainment ticket sales platform. This platform allows users in India and three other countries to purchase or book tickets for sports, theaters, movies, live events, and others via their website.



Have you ever waited in a queue in other to purchase a movie ticket? If you have then you will know just how important this platform is. With this platform waiting and standing in a queue in order to purchase tickets for events will be boycotted.

All you now have to do to book tickets is to visit via your internet-enabled device that’s how simple and easy it is. All this can be done from the comfort of your homes, did I mention? This platform boasts of over 25 million customers and, it processes more than 10 million tickets monthly.

How Does BookMyShow Work

This platform is one of the most easy-to-understand platforms ever. The platform’s interface is so easy to understand that you don’t even need a guide before you can access and make use of it. Unlike other online booking platforms, you don’t need to create an account or subscribe to it. All you need to do is to visit the platform, search for the event you want a ticket for, and process its purchase. That’s all.

How Does BookMyShow Make Money

One might easily wonder as to its business model. Since the platform sells movie tickets or other event tickets of other platforms and organizations, how does it make its money then? There are various ways through which this platform makes its money. One of the ways through which they make their money is via convenience fee.

Whenever you book a ticket on this platform you are being charged a convenience fee. This is also known as the internet handling fee. This is more like charging you for the convenience you are enjoying instead of visiting ticket counters. Another means through which they make their money is via commission on ticket sales.

This is the money BookMyShow as a platform that charges other organizations for helping in facilitating their ticket sales. The last means of revenue generation for this platform is via advertising on the platform itself.

How to Book a Ticket on BookMyShow

To book a ticket conveniently anytime and at any place, follow the steps below;

  • Go to on your device.
  • Select your city on the homepage.
  • Search for the event you want to book.
  • Click on tickets.
  • Select the date you want to use the ticket of your event, e.g. a movie.
  • Select the theater for your movie from the list given.
  • Also, select showing time and accept.
  • You have to select the seat number you want.
  • Click on the row and seats you want to book.
  • Finally, click on pay.

After clicking on pay, follow the on-screen instructions in other to successfully process the purchase.


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