Boat Lift for Sale – Things to Consider Before Buying Boat Lift

Boat Lift for Sale. A boat lift is a large structure that is capable of lifting your boat out of the water. With boat lifts, you won’t have to worry about painting the boat’s bottom. You won’t also worry about your boat floating away nor will you have to worry about your boat sinking.

Boat Lift for Sale

Buying a used boat lift from a dealer has its compensations, according to A dealer may offer post-purchase servicing, warranties, financing and give multiple sea trials for a used boat lift. A dealer may also fix minor damages on a used boat lift.

Boat Lift For Sale

Feel free to the Boat Lift Sales section of Oregon Marine Construction. they are authorized dealers for both Sun stream Boat Lifts and Hydro Hoist Boat Lifts. You can visit the Sun stream boat lift site. You can visit the Hydro hoist boat lift site. They also sell used boat lifts. they also sell many marina accessories in Online stores.

You can buy a boat in several places, you can get it from eBay,, Boat Trader, Craigslist, and many more. Boat lifts are a great way to keep your boat safe and out of the water when not in use. Also, is one of the shops for buying and selling boats.

How Costly is a Boat Lifts?

The cost of a boat lift will depend on the size of the boat that you need to be lifted. Also, the type of left, the brand, and where it is purchased. The average price for boat lift is usually between $2,000 above.

For example, a cantilever boat left can be around $700 to $3,500, depending on the weight of the boat. Vertical boat lifts can cost anyway from $6,000 to more. You can go to the site to check some of the boat lifts prices.

Types of Boat Lifts

There is a different type of boat lifts. Get started by selecting the type of boat left you are buying.


An elevator boat lift is made of either galvanized steel or aluminum. It is side-mounted to a seawall or dock, often resembling the same functionality of a forklift. This lift can lift up to 17,000 pounds


This type of boat will be your cheapest option and can be the easiest to move around. The Cantilever boat lift will have a few moving parts and the load is fully supported by the frame.

Most will be made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, assuring low maintenance and no rust


The boat lift is designed to hole medium to larger boats, the lift will combine strength and the quality of marine-grade aluminum to hole weights that are very heavy.


The vertical boat lift can carry loads ranging from 10,000 pounds above. This lift can easily be moved due to its lightweight design and will commonly be electric-powered, making it very easy to control.


This lift was founded in 1996 to create the next generation of portable boat lifts using proven technology to make boating as easy as using your car. The lift reduces your boat maintenance and provides better protection of your investment.


The lift was conceived over 50 years ago. It provides protection, Convenience, and security to your boat or personal watercraft.

Boat Lift for Central Wisconsin Vertical

The Wisconsin Rapids WI, has boat lifts from Porta-Dock ranging in capacity from 1000lb. to 7000lb. and also it has canopies from 12 to 34 feet. Porta-Dock’s compact, light, and universal lifts are perfect for any watercraft.

Each of the lift has features and available options to do the right job. All boat lifts come with a 15-year warranty on all-aluminum construction.

They have vertical pontoon lift, vertical boat lifts, personal watercraft lifts, lift canopies, and many more.

Floating Dock Boatlift

Dock dealers started in August OF 2017, out of pure personal necessity. They had little issue before the sale was established. They offer a used boat lift at an affordable price.

When buying the dock lift, you have to consider the lake freeze over every year and where to keep the lift in the lake of the Ozarks. Can you have a lift on a floating dock? Larger lifts are available upon request.

Come high tide or low tide, floating dock lifts offer a smooth transition for your watercraft and make using your boat and dock enjoyable. … Whether you have a powerboat, pontoon boat, Jet Ski, sailboat, there is Floating dock lift for you.

Used Boat lifts for Sale Near Lake of the Ozarks

Used boat lifts have no warranty. There is the possibility of missing parts of which you are unaware. Especially when buying from an unknown individual or an unscrupulous dealer.

If you are unsure of how to determine the correct size or type of boat lift, make sure to go get professional assistance before purchasing a used lift.

The following are used lifts product for sale

  • 6600lb Ultra lift by Hydro Hoist
  • 6500lb Fiber steel Used Boat Lift
  • Used PWC Lift – Single Platform by Galva-Lift
  • 8,000lb Drive-on Boat Lift
  • 3,000lb Galva-Lift
  • 10,000lb LT by LOTO lift – Used Boat Lifts
  • 4,500lb Eco Lift\Hoist
  • 10,000lb used Galva Lift etc.

Things to Consider Before Buying Boat Lift

The following are ideas to consider when purchasing a Boat Lifts.

  • The water depth at your slip
  • Slip Width
  • The condition and the type of floating tanks
  • The Dry Weight of your watercraft
  • The boat lift capacity
  • Boat structural strength to match your location, like your main large lake with big wave vs. quiet lake. Etc.

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