Bitcoin Exchange Wallet – Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2021

Buy, sell and send crypto using the best Bitcoin Exchange Wallet around the world. If you are looking to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you will need to identify the best Bitcoin exchange or trading platform for your needs.

Bitcoin Exchange Wallet

There are many around, but the absolute best Bitcoin exchanges make it very simple to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using regular paper money (the US Dollar, British pound, etc.).

Bitcoin Exchanges Wallet also often allows users to store cryptocurrency. Although if security may be a priority, you will need to store your virtual wealth in a non-custodial Bitcoin wallet, over which you’ve got total control.

Bitcoin Exchange Wallet

Before diving in headfirst, you will need to bear in mind what to look for when it involves the best Bitcoin exchange for your specific needs. A good place to begin is the cryptocurrencies supported by the exchange.

With many altcoins in circulation beyond just Bitcoin, you will need to choose which to invest in. Popular alternatives include Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP (Ripple), Cardano, and more.

Bitcoin Exchanger

Additionally, it’s worth paying close attention to the fees levied. While all Bitcoin exchanges charge transaction fees. It’s obviously best to search out one with all-time low costs so as to maximize your own profits.

I some cases, however, low fees come at the expense of other important attributes and features. Now we all know what to look for, here’s our rundown of the best Bitcoin Exchange Wallet.


Based within the US, Coinbase is one of the largest fully-regulated cryptocurrency exchanges. Since launching in 2012, Coinbase is claimed to own facilitated transactions worth over $455 billion, and its 40 million verified users hold over $90 billion worth of assets on the platform.

Coinbase allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin, also as over twenty-four other cryptocurrencies. It also supports several fiat currencies, including the British Pound, US Dollar, the Euro, and more.

The company also launched the Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) to better serve users who trade high volumes of crypto. GDAX is now referred to as Coinbase Pro and offers various trading tools designed for professional traders.

In addition to plain exchange features, Coinbase supports off-chain transfers, which allows users of the platform to send funds between each other without incurring transaction fees.


This is an all-in-one trading platform that permits users to dabble in currencies, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Based in Israel, eToro boasts of many clients in over 100 countries.

The platform first introduced Bitcoin trading in 2013 but has since become a more well-rounded exchange that gives various cryptocurrency products. Broadly speaking, eToro offers two mechanisms for investing in crypto. Users can either buy crypto with no leverage, during which case the underlying asset is held in cold storage by eToro on your behalf.

O, you’ll trade crypto via a Contract for Difference (CFD), whereby you don’t own the underlying asset but rather speculate on its future price. One aspect making eToro stand out is that it offers social trading facilities. Using the platform’s copy-trading feature, for instance, users can follow and duplicate the positions of other traders.


This platform burst onto the financial services scene in 2015 with commission-free trading of stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Due to its mobile-first approach and a promise of making investment easy and affordable, the platform quickly caught the fancy of the new and experienced traders alike.

While the platform has been mired in controversy due to its handling of the recent GameStop short squeeze. It continues to be popular because it allows users to trade stocks, options, and ETFs via smartphone and charges minimal brokerage fees.

Starting in February 2018, the platform began to permit its users to trade cryptocurrencies also. It started with just Bitcoin and Ether and has gradually increased the amount of coins that will be traded on the platform.

However, the service is out there to US users only and cryptocurrency purchased can’t be moved into non-custodial wallets nor accessed to make payments of any kind.


It is a San Francisco-based company that first came to prominence for refinancing student loans. Founded a decade ago, the non-public finance firm now boasts a user base of over a million customers.

The company’s investment platform, SoFi Invest, allows members to invest in a different range of products, including stocks and equity-traded funds (ETFs). This platform, which is currently available only to US residents, is popular among traders especially due to its $0 fee for stock trading.

In September 2019, SoFi also added the power to trade cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin. The platform uses Coinbase to handle all crypto transactions on behalf of its users.

Like Robinhood, the crypto trading function is just available to US users and crypto can’t be shifted far from the exchange wallet (only purchased or sold).

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