How to Recover a Lost Binance Account, going by the simplest definition is an exchange platform that allows people to trade crypto for crypto and crypto for real money. Binance supports almost every cryptocurrency we are familiar with and provides a wallet where these Cryptocurrencies can be stored.

From, you sign up and become a member to start trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies. If you do not know how you can sign up and become a member, well, you do not have anything to worry about. In this post, we will be putting you through the sign-up process on Sign Up

Here, we will be putting you through the entire sign-up process on To sign up on, follow the instructions below.

  1. Connect to the internet and launch your favorite web browser.
  2. Log on to
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions and then input your email and choose a strong password.
  4. Click on Register.
  5. Verify the captcha by solving the jigsaw puzzle.
  6. On completion of verification, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Check your email inbox and click on the link sent to complete verification.

The link sent is only valid for 10 minutes, so you must click on the link 10 minutes after the link was sent, if not, verification will be failed.

How to Get My Wallet Address On

Find your wallet address is quite straightforward. All you need to do is go to the Settings menu and navigate to general. Your wallet ID can not be used to send or receive cryptocurrencies. Your wallet balances will be displayed at the top of your wallet and on your dashboard also.

How to Add Money To My Account On

Adding money to your account involves you depositing money into that account. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Click on Deposit.
  3. Click on the Crypto tab.
  4. Select the coin you’d like to deposit in.
  5. If there is a case where the coin was issued out more than once, you would be required to select the one you want to make your deposit to.

Above is everything you should know about depositing money to your account.

How to Get Google Authenticator Key For

If you are looking for how to recover your google authenticator key for, you follow all instructions listed below.

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your email and password.
  3. On the Security Verification page, click on Security Verification Unavailable to move on to the next step.
  4. Select your security item that is unavailable and click Confirm Reset.

On completing the above steps, a new authenticator key for your account will be sent to you.

How to Recover a Lost Binance Account

This is o difficult though it requires patience. Follow the instructions below to know how to recover a lost Binance account.

  1. Go to the support center and book a ticket.
  2. Fill the form and do not forget to mention you wish to reactivate your account.

You will be required to attach a photo of you – a selfie with you holding up a sign saying Binance, Please Reactivate My Account.

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