Bigo TV – How to Earn on Bigo Live – Get More Followers on Bigo.TV

Bigo TV also known as Bigo Live is an online live streaming platform. This online live streaming platform is somewhere between Youtube and IG live and Snapchat as it has similar features with them. In this post, we shall be sharing with you some of the things you could use Bigo TV for.

Bigo TV

Though most of the features Bigo TV offers is free, even the platform itself is free, the app and signing up. But some of its features can’t be unlocked without a paid subscription plan. Apart from just posting, entertaining, and having fun, you can also earn with Bigo.

When most people get on Bigo TV, what they do is watch live streams and make new friends. Just a few of the users know that money can be made on this platform. In this post, we will be telling you everything you should know about making money on Bigo TV.

Bigo TV – How to Earn on Bigo Live

Here, we will be telling you how you can earn on Bigo Live, all you have to do is showcase your talent and then start earning. Below are some of the ways to earn on Bigo Tv.

Work as a Host or a Recruiter

While you still work your daily job, nothing is stopping you from having some side earnings, you could do this with Bigo TV. If you have a talent worth showing or you are an entertainer, then this one is for you, you can work as a host or a recruiter on Bigo live.

As a host, you will create mobile live content and after getting to a monthly target, you will be paid. The money earned will depend on the number of users following you and how much time you spend broadcasting.

Earn by Cashing Out Virtual Gifts

This is another way to earn on Bigo TV. This one is particularly for those popular on this platform and with a lot of active followers. How this works is that your followers will gift you with virtual gifts, you can stock these gifts up and later convert them to beans.

The more popular and famous you are the more beans you will earn. Lastly, you can convert these beans to actual money, beans are converted at the rate of 210 beans to $1.

Here are the two major ways to earn on Bigo Live, now it is left to you to create contents that will attract viewers.

How to Get More Followers on Bigo TV

Earlier, we said that the amount you earn will depend on your followers and this refers to both methods, so in order to earn more you must have more followers, here are some of the tips to get more followers on Bigo TV.

Here are major tips on how you can get more followers on Bigo Live, these tips are 100% helpful.


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