Bigo Live App – How to Earn Real Money on Bigo Live App

Bigo live app is currently the best video streaming social platform. It’s been the highest trending social media app for a while now and has gained massive success within a short period, seeing over 100 million users.

All of its achievements are attributes of its features which we will be highlighting. We’ll bring you up to speed on what the app is all about, how you can use it, and how to download this amazing app everyone’s talking about.

Bigo Live App

Bigo Live App

Bigo live app is used for a variety of things, mostly involving streaming videos. You can create live videos of yourself for a very wide audience, live stream videos of others, place one on one video calls, video chat with friends like in a chat room, and so on.

It’s most used feature is for live streaming videos on any activity you can think of. From mere talking on any random subject to live streaming video games, the list is endless.

The audience on Bigo live app is international. That is, you can video chat with anyone from any country around the globe. The only barrier of course would be the number of languages you are quite familiar with.

Aside from making video calls, you can also use the Bigo live app to send texts amongst friends. So as you can see, it’s an all-around social app, with a lot of interesting features. Among its most stand out feature is the ability to make real cash off it.

How to Earn Real Money on Bigo

Gifts earned in the app can be turned into real cash and withdrawn in your bank account without any hassle. In the app, you can earn gifts in various ways. There are activities set up within the app that are a great source of earning gifts in form of diamonds and beans. Your fans depending on how popular you have become on the app can send you gifts in real-time within a stream.

Also, mere login in daily can earn you gifts. You can then turn these diamonds and beans into real cash or send them to others as gifts too. Unlike some other live-streaming apps, This app utilizes a strong engine that prevents videos from lagging. As long as you have a fair internet connection, you can enjoy streaming videos endlessly without lag, which makes for an exciting experience on Bigo live.

How to Download Bigo Live App

Bigo live is free to use for all. However, there’s a paid premium version that removes ads and gives you unrestricted access to more exciting features. The free version has enough features for an enjoyable experience as well. And here’s how to download the live app. It takes just three easy steps.

  • Visit the Apple store if you’re an iPhone user or Google play store for Android users.
  • Serch for Bigo live in the search box.
  • You should see the live app by Bigo Technology Pte. Next, install.

Once downloaded, you can begin using the Bigo live app instantly. Simply create your profile to get started. Ensure you fill out all parts of your profile. Upload quality pictures where required.

Write a good bio about yourself. A very good profile would help you gain lots of followers in no time. Once completed, you can begin streaming live videos of fun and creative content or go live yourself.


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