Best Wedding Insurance Companies – Is Getting a Wedding Insurance Worth it?

While you prepare for your wedding, it’s important you get one of the best wedding insurances. When you are preparing for your wedding, you may be scared about a financial loss resulting from an unexpected event.Best Wedding Insurance

With this, you should buy coverage for your big day. This article is going to give you a list of companies that offer the best coverage for weddings.

Best Wedding Insurance

You may be wondering why you need Insurance for your big day. Getting a it is very important. This is because unexpected events can happen on your wedding day.

The wedding may be canceled or postponed and this can put you into financial debt as you may not have any money left to start planning a new one. Another reason for getting this insurance is that a guest may get injured and if this happens, he or she may hold you responsible.

What is a Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is simply a type of insurance that offers protection from unexpected events on special events such as weddings. Generally, there are two major types. They include:

  • Wedding Liability Insurance: This is the most common type. It covers property damage and injuries that take place during the event. When a property gets damaged during this event or a guest gets injured, you can file a claim with this insurance.
  • Wedding Cancellation or Postponement Insurance: If you are forced to cancel your event or postpone it due to reasons you can’t control, this type of wedding insurance will pay for nonrefundable expenses.

These are the two types of wedding insurance. Both of them protect you from any financial burden you may face if your wedding causes any injury or damage.

Is Getting a Wedding Insurance Worth it?

You may be wondering if getting wedding insurance is worth it. Depending on where you are getting married, this insurance may be a requirement. Currently, most wedding venues ask for this insurance as proof to protect their businesses.

Even though it’s not a requirement, you can still get it to protect you from financial loss on your big day.

Best Wedding Insurance Companies

Fortunately, some companies also offer Insurance for a wedding events. Below are the companies where you can get the best wedding insurance policy.

Event Helper

One of the best wedding Insurance Providers is Event Helper. This company offers policies that cover events, weddings, and vendors at a low cost. with this company, you are sure of getting superior coverage at the lowest.

The amount you are charged depends on the size of the wedding. This company offers host liquor liability too. The company offers instant confirmation of insurance and a money-back guarantee. You can easily buy this policy online or over the phone.


WedSafe is another good company where you can get good wedding liability insurance. This company offers a good service that will help you cover unwanted events and vendor incidents. If you postpone or cancel your wedding, you will get a reimbursement.

You can purchase this insurance up to the day of the wedding. Host liquor liability is also included at no charge. In addition to the coverage, this company also offers wedding inspiration, bridal inspiration, and wedding planning tips.


Travelers also offer insurance for special events and this includes wedding events. This policy may cover the cancellation or postponement of weddings, event gifts, special jewelry, special attire, and lost deposits.

The liability and liquor liability insurance offered by the company is optional. This wedding is one of the best as there are no deductibles for some type of coverage. This insurance however is not available in some states.


Markel company is the best wedding insurance provider for bundling liability and cancellation. This company offers a money-back guarantee if the certificate of liability does not meet the requirements of the venue.

Unlike some insurance companies, this company ensures weddings outside the United States. When you purchase both bundling liability and cancellation policies, you get a 15% discount.


USAA wedding insurance is best for military members and their family members. The insurance policy offered by this company covers the postponement of a wedding due to the deployment of an active military member.

If the services offered do not meet your venue’s requirements, you will get your money back. You also have the option to insure your engagement ring but the drawback is that this insurance is available to USAA members only.


What is Covered in a Wedding Insurance Policy?

What a wedding insurance policy covers depends on the policy you purchase. Generally, this policy covers venue issues. In a case where your event venue cannot serve as the location anymore, the insurance will cover the cost of moving to a new venue.

This policy also covers property damage, vendor issues, extreme weather, special attire, and lots more. Some companies may allow you to add alcohol liability, theft of gifts, transportation, etc. for additional costs.

When Should I Buy a Wedding Insurance?

It’s important you buy wedding insurance as early as you can. This is because the earlier you get it, the better for you. Almost all policies will cover any loss or damage that occurs after you buy the policy. With this, you should get it before you start making payments and purchases towards your big.

How Much Does a Wedding Insurance Cost?

The cost of wedding insurance varies and this depends on the size of your event and the type of coverage you choose. Getting only a liability policy can cost you less but if you are skeptical about something going wrong on your big day, you can purchase a cancellation policy but it will cost you more.



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