Best Time Management Apps For C.E.Os

Best Time Management Apps For C.E.Os. The life of a C.E.O doesn’t begin and end in the workplace. Some other important areas in their lives make life more meaningful. But when undone and incomplete tasks begin to add up with no completion, they become overwhelming and this makes other aspects of life toxic. This is why we decided to talk about the best time management apps for C.E.Os in 2022.

Best Time Management Apps For C.E.Os

Why Time Management Matters

Time management is one of the most important aspects of every busy  C.E.O (all C.E.Os are busy). Time management is important to plan, prioritize tasks, eliminate distractions, and reward yourself for good performance.

The following are benefits of having good time management skills.

  1. Improving the overall performance of yourself and your business.
  2. Helps you deliver work on time
  3. Balance your work-life scale
  4. Reduces your stress level

How C.E.Os Stay Organised

As a C.E.O, it is very normal to have a very busy schedule. The top C.E.Os of the world seems to be at the best of their games, they seem to live peaceful and organized lives, this is how they do it.

  • They keep their minds fresh by meditating
  • They plan ahead of their day
  • They have time for leisure and rest.
  • They delegate tasks
  • They manage their time properly

How To Manage Your Time As A C.E.O

The ability to be a good C.E.O is the ability to see tasks met each day effectively

Below are 6 tips to manage your time as a C.E.O.

  • Own your schedule, and don’t let people own it for you by arranging meetings for you via online calendars
  • Try to organize your time, not your work
  • Schedule “buffer zones”(extra time-space) between meetings that will let you analyze meeting content and give room to handle unexpected events.
  • Set aside at least two hours each week for quiet self-reflection on the issues you’re currently facing and the progress you’ve made.
  • Try to avoid multitasking. Give people and tasks your full attention, even if only for a little time.
  • Take a course or training workshop once in a while like every five years. Read relevant news, but focus rather on making news.

Top Three Time Management Apps For C.E.Os

if you feel that you need extra technical assistance to manage your time, then use these three tools below.


Clockify is a free-time tracking app with unlimited coverage. It accommodates unlimited numbers of users, helps to keep records of all activities, and evaluates performances.

This app helps you track your time using a timer, it tracks the websites you use, manages your calendar. It is a very good app to use.


RescueTime sits right in your taskbar. While this app launches, it spends time getting to know what your schedule looks like, after that, it squeezes out focus periods for the day.

It restricts distractive websites and shows you whatever has been hindering your growth.

This app can even help you measure your progress, brings you closer to your dream, and help you with your day-to-day tasks.

Toggle Track

Toggle Track is one very important time management tool that every CEO concerned about its welfare should have. This app helps you in terms of assessment and project management, improving productivity, and giving your team a better view of the task at hand. If you want to improve your team’s capacity company-wide, get the Toggle app.


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