Best Podcasts 2021: Best 5 Podcasts to Listen to 2021

Where are my podcasts lovers, it’s time to get in line for the best podcasts 2021. The big podcast boom that hasn’t subsided in the slightest over the past ten years has brought fresh life to old audio formats.

It’s also sparked many creative takes on how to tell stories, educate listeners, provide a fresh view of the news, take people on adventures and share personal insights in all kinds of innovative ways. What’s more, podcasts are accessible.

They’re so quick and easy to download or stream that you can (usually, your data allowance permitting) listen to them wherever you are, and you can listen to multiple episodes all in one go or spread them out over weeks at a time.

Best Podcasts 2021

Best Podcasts 2021

The best podcasts 2021 will surely make your day. Whether you’re on the bus to work, going for a walk, relaxing in the bathtub, or just doing the dishes, podcasts are an ideal audio accompaniment. They often don’t demand your unwavering attention, but they can cover just about every topic you can think of, and they’re (usually) completely free.

If you want to start listening to podcasts more often, or you just need to reinvigorate your current podcast library, the problem you face is picking out the podcasts that are truly worth your time but worry not as this article will help you with the best podcasts to listen to.

Best 5 Podcasts to Listen to 2021

Below are a few picks of the best podcasts you will enjoy listening to this 2021;

  • The Laverne Cox Show; if you want to become a better person? Expand your mind? Listen to the hypnotic voice of Laverne Cox? You can accomplish all three of those things in one place: The Laverne Cox Show. The new podcast from Shondaland and iHeartMedia lets Cox take the reins, allowing her to facilitate conversations around topics ranging from fatphobia to dating in mid-life.
  • You Must Remember this; Former film critic Karina Longworth puts an amazing amount of research into each episode, which in the past have covered the largely untold stories about the likes of Charles Manson, Theda Bara, Frances Farmer, and Ronald Reagan. More recently, she covered the story of the controversial Disney movie Song of the South.
  • Stolen: The Search for Jermain; In June 2018, 23-year-old mother of two Jermain Charlo went out for a night of drinks in downtown Missoula, Montana, and was never seen again. In Stolen, Cree journalist Connie Walker revisits the case and talks to those trying to find Charlo, telling her story through the lens of the larger epidemic of violence, kidnapping, and murder targeting Indigenous women in the U.S. and in Montana in particular.
  • You’re Dead to Me; History can be dry and boring, but host Greg Jenner injects a healthy dose of humor here and invites interesting panels of guests to talk about famous figures and periods from history. He invites commentary from a mix of expert historians and comedians, all encouraged by Jenner’s upbeat style. Covering topics like the witch craze, Blackbeard the pirate, and warrior queen Boudicca, this podcast is informative and funny, and it’s suitable for the whole family, too.
  • Stuff You Should Know; Stuff You Should know is perhaps the most self-explanatory title for a podcast ever. The show features Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant discussing topics and trying to get to the core of the information you need to know about them. Episodes have covered subjects as broad as satanism, heroin, narcolepsy, stuttering, and even ketchup. Essentially, this is the perfect show to listen to if you are looking for great new dinner party material.

There is a podcast for everything these days. No, literally. If you hop on any major platform Apple, Spotify, Stitcher you can get lost in the library of podcasts covering everything from sex to true crime. To get more podcasts to listen to this 2021 simply click here.


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