Best Movies of 2020: The Best Movies Of The Year 2020

It’s already 2021, yet there are some Best Movies of 2020 we have missed out on. 2020 has been an unprecedented and difficult year for cinema (as it’s everything else). But there have been still some great films released, and here five of my picked best 2020 Movies.

It’s tempting to consider what the Best Movies of 2020 could’ve been if all had released. But while 2020 was a special year, that does not necessarily mean it had been a totally bad one for movies.

Best Movies of 2020

Best Movies of 2020

Cinematic releases are few and much between, but there have been still some memorable released movies. The increase of streaming services and VoD further helped ease the pain of fewer new releases in theaters.

Best 2020 Movies

As movies are been released yearly, we ought to get the best of each year’s release. It is a slightly strange list that chooses from a smaller, weirder pool of films, but that’s befitting of the year itself.

Some Of The Best Movies of 2020

Here are five selected Best Movies of 2020:

Da 5 Bloods

In 2020, releasing amid the Black Lives Matter protests, then Da 5 Bloods took on even greater relevancy and urgency. This wasn’t just a historical drama, but a strong statement on the present tumultuous period in American history.

The film is crammed filled with ideas, ambition, and emotion. With its energy and anger bursting out of the screen. And builds to an incredibly affecting conclusion, with a shocking monologue from Delroy Lindo’s Paul that ought to put him. Alongside the remainder of the movie – right in awards contention.


Christopher Nolan’s palindromic movie didn’t quite wow audiences or save cinema. Even by Nolan’s standards, Tenet’s use of and meddling with time is confusing. But at its core may be a thrilling spy story with high stakes and bombastic action.

The director hasn’t made a Bond movie, but this is often his own spin on 007. Taking those tropes and packaging them into something new and exciting.

Mixing Quantum of Solace with quantum physics; less No Time To Die, and more just No Time. It is a movie that begs to be explained, but there’s also something to be said for going along within the ride.

The Invisible Man

2020 may be a horror show of a year, but it also delivered some brilliant horror movies. And among the Best Movies of 2020 was The Invisible Man.

The Invisible Man has all of them than some. This contemporary telling brilliantly pitches its title character as a gaslighting boyfriend. And smartly focuses on his victim, Elisabeth Moss’ Cecilia.

It is a study of trauma and abuse, and while during this case the partner would be a really literal invisible man.

Birds Of Prey

Yes, Birds of Prey came calling 2020, a fact as surprising because of the movie itself. Loosely continuing on Harley Quinn’s story from Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey the type of show for the ever-popular DC character that a lot of hoped 2016’s movie would.

Birds of Prey bombed at the box office even before the pandemic. But it’s an injection of pure adrenaline and fun that deserved such a lot more.

In the middle of it all is Robbie’s Quinn, who brings more layers to the performance. And provides an excellent magazine movie showing, confirming the casting really was perfect.


Is it a movie? A musical? A movie musical, or a musical movie? The version of Hamilton on Disney+ blew us all away in 2020. Filmed over three nights back in 2016, the recording won’t fully capture the size of the show you’d get seeing it live.

But it makes up for the very fact by really showcasing the emotion of the assembly. With close-ups allowing viewers to ascertain just what proportion acting there’s among the singing and dancing.

Released on streaming, featuring various casts, and telling the story of two Americas (then and now), in an election year, no less. Then Hamilton seems like the defining pop-culture moment of 2020 in some ways, but it is also just an incredibly good one.

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