Best Mechanic Keyboards – Best Mechanical Keyboard of 2022

Users who spend most of the day typing or coding might want to operate in a Best Mechanic Keyboards. This is a worthwhile upgrade over a cheap, less comfortable keyboard.

Best Mechanic Keyboards

There were a lot of reviews on these Mechanic Keyboards to get the best. It was gotten that the Varmilo VA87M is the best.

Best Mechanic Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are a number of the most beloved among typists and gamers. They will offer the fastest and most accurate switches, great RGB lighting, and fantastic durability.

But even among the most effective keyboards, some simply outshine all the others.

Varmilo VA87M: For typists and coders

The Varmilo VA87M is accessible with many various switch types, including Cherry MX Clear, MX Brown, MX Blue, MX Black, MX Red, and more.

If you don’t already know what switches you wish, the Cherry MX Brown is recommended. This is because it provides a satisfying tactile bump without making an excessive amount of noise for a shared space.

We also love that the VA87M is available with a range of fun keycap sets and matching cases. It comes with a removable Mini-USB cable and a wire keycap puller, and it works on Windows and Mac.

The VA87M isn’t fully programmable, but it does have clearly labeled media keys. And you’ll be able to customize some of the functions.

The VA87M typically costs around $130 about average for an excellent mechanical keyboard. Though some switch types, keycap sets, and backlight options cost a bit extra.

Leopold FC750R: The next best thing – Best Mechanic Keyboards

If the Varmilo VA87M isn’t available, we recommend the Leopold FC750R. It’s equally excellent build quality and a similarly compact, minimalist tenkeyless design.

It is considered the Best Mechanic Keyboards comes with all the most popular switch types. It’s available with a couple of different tasteful, high-quality keycap sets.

Though it doesn’t provide the maximum amount of variety as the VA87M and has no backlight options. Similar to Varmilo, this Leopold model features a removable Mini-USB cable and works on both Windows and Mac.

But the FC750R’s media keys aren’t labeled on the keycaps, so you’ll need to memorize them. The FC750R typically costs around $120, though some switch options cost an extra $5.

Leopold FC900R: The best full-size keyboard

If you only can’t get enough of that number pad, we recommend the Leopold FC900R. It’s nearly similar to our runner-up, the Leopold FC750R.

It offers equally excellent build quality, it’s available with all the most popular switch types. This keyboard is available with a couple of different PBT keycap sets.

Just like the tenkeyless model, it’s a removable Mini-USB cable and works on both Windows and Mac. But also, just like the tenkeyless model its media keys aren’t labeled.

Unfortunately, availability is quite difficult with most great mechanical keyboards. Most are made in Taiwan or China and shipped to the U.S. in batches to be sold by specialty retailers like

If our picks aren’t available within the switches you would like or with the keycaps, you would like. You will be able to preorder at, keep an eye fixed on that seller’s incoming-shipments page.

Or set availability alerts on Amazon with the use of a price tracker like CamelCamelCamel or Keepa.

We tested our picks against more readily available options to find that these models were of significantly higher quality and worth the effort to trace down.

But if you can’t wait that long for a brand new keyboard, take a glance at the other great options we found during testing.

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