Best Lip Scrub For Dark Lips

Best Lip Scrub For Dark Lips. Your lips are the most sensitive part of your face with extra delicate skin that definitely requires deep care. Your lips might be dark due to smoking, eating habits, cold weather, and other factors.

Best Lip Scrub For Dark Lips

The combination of ingredients to form lips scrub will take away dry skin, brighten dull skin, protect it from UV rays, and repair your skin barrier for soft and luscious lips.

Best Lip Scrub For Dark Lips

The Skincare experts recommend exfoliating your lips twice a week followed by a moisturizing balm to keep them clean, smooth, and healthy. There is a natural ingredient that can also get rid of black lips, like a lemon and a sugar lip scrub.

You all know that our complexion products are nothing without a well-prepped base. So, we need to give our lips the same VIP treatment as we do to our skin. Am here to show you the list of amazing lip scrub to make your lips look sweet for your most kissable pout ever.

The following are the best lip scrub for dark lips:

Agave lip scrub: the Agave weekly vegan lip scrub is very good for your lips. It is made with extra-fine sugar crystals and plant-derived squalene that treat and hydrate your lips simultaneously.

SARA HAPP Lip Scrub: Sara created this lip scrub product back in 2005, with mixing bowls, spatulas, and a desire for a flake-free pout. The sugar scrub is available in a wide variety of flavors which include the pink grapefruit one.

You can purchase at Nordstrom

Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator from fresh: if you are tired of the situation your lip color is in, try this yummy scrub packed with real brown sugar crystals and natural humectants to soothe chronically dry lips once and for all.

You can get it from Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and JCPenney.

Lip Care Kit from Kick things off by buffing away dry skin with the sugar exfoliator and then adding back some moisture with the sweet almond oil serum.

You can get it at the Lip Bar.

Balmy Nights: try preparing your lips with this super hydrating scrub which is made with shea butter, sunflower seed oil, sesame oil, and volcanic stone.

If your lipstick feels tight, dry, or just a little uncomfy on your skin, try the Balm Night scrub.

Best Lip Scrub for Dark Lips at Home with Natural Remedies

Many homes treatment from natural sources works perfectly well as those made in the company. You might, however, find a natural lip lightener that suits your needs.

Here are some you consider:

Lemon and Sugar:

Before you go to bed, cut a lemon wedge and dip it in sugar. Rub your lips with the sugared lemon. The next morning, rinse your lips with lukewarm water. You will see the wonders.


Lime is another citrus fruit that may have anti-melanin production properties. You have to mix 2 teaspoons of fresh lime juice, with 1 teaspoon of honey, and I teaspoon of glycerin.

After that, you have to gently apply the mixture to your lips before bedtime. Wash your lips the next morning.


The older study suggests a compound in an aloe vera inhibits melanin production. Once each day, apply a thin layer of fresh aloe vera gel onto your lips.

After that, allow it to dry, once it’s dry rinse it off with warm water.

Rose Water: mix two drops of rose water to six drops of honey together. Apply this mixture to your lips three to four times per day. You can also apply it before going to bed at night.


Make a paste by mixing together five crushed, medium-sized strawberries and 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Apply gently to your lips at bedtime, then rinse off with cool water the next morning.

Best Lip Scrub for Dark Lips Philippines

The following are lip scrubs for dark lips in the Philippines:

Lush Bubblegum lip Scrub: this yummy cruelty-free lip scrub uses caster sugar and contains organic jojoba oil to effectively exfoliate and moisturize your lip.

It makes your lip scrub perfect to use before applying other lip products such as lipsticks or lip shimmers.

Burt’s Bees Conditioning Lip scrub: the lip scrub is a 100% natural product with responsibly sourced beeswax and different creaming oil that effectively condition and hydrate the skin. View product at Beauty Bar.

Human Nature Natural Lip Scrub: This lip scrub from Human Nature uses sugar crystals as its main exfoliator. It covers numerous helpful natural ingredients, such as beeswax, sunflower oil, and jojoba oil, which soften the lips and lock moisture.

See products at Shopee.

The Face Shop Lip Scrub: This lip scrub’s key ingredients are walnut shells and shea butter, which creates a mild calming fragrance aside from effectively shedding away dead skin cells and hydrating the lips.

View product on Lazada.


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