Best Keyword Research Tools – Some of the Best Keyword Research Tools

There are several blogging tools to be considered among the Best Keyword Research Tools. Keyword research is important for the success of your business or website. It’s an integral part of SEO.

Best Keyword Research Tools

And if you would like to rank your website on search engines, you better start and learn how to make it right. If you’re an owner of a website, then these Best Keyword Research Tools will come in handy.

Best Keyword Research Tools

Now, finding the proper keywords to attract traffic requires in-depth research. You require the proper tools for that. Certain tools are highly convenient and offer tons more than just keyword research.

Let’s have a look at the list of our 5 best keyword research tools for SEO and determine what would be the best pick for you.

Some of the Best Keyword Research Tools

Here are some of the Best Keyword Research Tools:


SEMrush is arguably the best efficient keyword research tool out there. It’s an all-in-one software that gives more than just keyword research. From competitor analysis to Google Ad optimization, SEMrush has got you covered.

Even the big-timers like HP, eBay, and Quora use this tool to remain within the competition.

Features of SEMrush

Here are the features packed in this Keyword Research Tool:

  • Position Tracker.
  • SERP Features Tool.
  • On-Page SEO Checker.
  • Backlinks Gap.
  • Project Dashboard.
  • Content Marketing Analysis.

The Position Tracker may be a handy tool to trace your rank for any specific keyword together with discovering local competitors. SERP features can assist you significantly in improving your search rankings.


With the most important backlink index, Ahrefs can also be seen as the closest competitor SEMrush has. It offers plenty of SEO tools for optimizing your or your client’s website.

It’s a SaaS-based SEO suite with all the required features a digital marketer would require for performing various SEO activities.

Features of Ahrefs

Here are the features offered by this platform:

  • Keyword Explorer (10 search engines).
  • “Clicks” Data.
  • Search Traffic Estimation for Top 10 Ranking Pages.
  • Backlink Gap and Profiling Tool.
  • Fix Keyword Cannibalization with SERP Position History Analysis.
  • Content Gap.

With Ahrefs’ Keyword Planner, you’ll be able to do keyword research on 10 different search engines, including Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

The Clicks Data allows you to see the numbers of clicks you get in proportion to the search volume.

KWFinder by Mangools

Developed and designed by Mangools, KWFinder gives you a fairly simple and easy method to research keywords.

It offers several tools that are quite user-friendly while being effective in enhancing your online visibility.

This platform was launched back in 2014. And now it’s one of the most popular and cost-effective keyword research tools out there.

Key features KWFinder

Here are the features of KWFinder:

  • Keyword Research for Long Tail Keywords.
  • SERPChecker.
  • SERPWatcher.
  • LinkMiner.
  • Unprofitable Keywords Filter.

KWFinder allows you to search out the hidden long-tail keywords by analyzing trends, search, CPC, PPC, etc. You get 45+ SEO metrics with the Google SERP competitor analysis tool.


Serpstat is a convenient SEO suite for keyword research that’s also referred to as Growth Hacking Tool. Just like SEMrush, Serpstat has almost a similar interface and features.

Provides innovative solutions to keep you earlier than your competitors. Companies like Lenovo, L’OReal, and Shopify are related to Serpstat.

It’s an all-in-one tool that’s highly convenient for tracking a high volume of keywords.


Here are a number of the highlighting features:

  • Competitor Analysis: SEO, PPC, & Google Ads.
  • Organic Keyword Research.
  • Backlink Analysis.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking.
  • Site Audit Tool.

The competitor analysis feature allows you to make in-depth research of your competitors while using a detailed graph provided by Serpstat.

Users will easily find the keyword difficulties to rectify them together with keyword trends.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is simply an easy keyword research tool that has a lot to offer. With a clean and intuitive interface, this SEO tool is very recommended for beginners or Non-SEO individuals.

This application runs on Adobe Air and is out there for both Windows and Mac. It’s a highly recommended keyword research tool for modern-day bloggers and affiliate marketers.


It offers:

  • Keyword Difficulty Calculations.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Backlink Analysis (Add on).
  • Rank Value.
  • Rank Tracker.

Just enter a seed keyword and find up to 400 related keywords within seconds. You get KD scoring ranging between 0-100, which is extremely helpful to reassess things.

Track your ranking for every one of your websites or determine keyword profitability with rank value.


All the keyword research software mentioned above is used and preferred by thousands of users out there. Everyone has their own preferences.

If you’re willing to spend an honest amount for the best results, there’s no competition with SEMrush. More research can be done on Google.

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