Best Job Posting Sites for Employers – 7 Top Free Job Posting Sites for Employers

There are best job posting sites for employers. The website deals specifically with employment or careers. If you are looking for workers, go to the website and publish job offers for a position to be filled.Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

However, if you are looking for site to post job opening for free or not, this article is for you. we have picks together top job posting sites, read on to know.

Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

To post job is a way that an organization communicates with the public about a vacant position that it wishes to fill. As an employer, the easiest way to find workers is navigating to the job posting site.

As an employer, you will give applicants a good idea about what qualification is necessary, what the new hire will do and how much the job pays. You drop all necessary information needed to know about the job on the best job posting sites and wait for reply.

7 Top Free Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

Here are the top free job posting sites for employers:


The Adzuna is an online free job posting sites for employers. This platform started in the UK and has become one of the most popular global job boards visited by millions of candidates every month.

They website send candidate directly to you so you can measure them in your ATS, and charge based on response rates.

In addition, they use smart matching tech to help your zero in on the right candidates out of the millions of monthly visitors. You can post one job for free to try out this platform.


Jobcase Free Job posting Site

This is another amazing website that help you post your job for free in order to get workers. Jobcase is an online platform where workers of all kind like hourly employees, healthcare technician, and tradespeople access job.

No matter the size of your country, you can quickly find great workers in the Jobcase community. They are always at your service.



Post job for free is an online platform that help you find great workers. This platform started since 2017 by allowing recruiters posting their jobs for free.

All you have to do is to post your jobs to let job seekers know about open position you have; the website will help hire workers for you.



This SimplyHired is a free online platform that help employers find workers. SimplyHired recently became part of Indeed’s parent company, Recruit Holdings, and remains one of the most popular free jobs posting boards and search engines.

In addition, as an employer, you can post jobs for free and take advantage of SimplyHired network of more than 100 job boards.


Facebook is another platform to post your job. It is one of the famous online platforms to access. FB has a dedicated section for job listings where you can list your jobs for free.

In addition, you can also post directly on your company’s Facebook page. Just go to your Facebook account and go to setting to search for post job.



The LinkedIn is one of the platforms to post job on. it is one of the largest business networking sites you should take advantage   of the one free post.

However, you can of course pay for sponsored posts if you have more than one post that needs fillings at a time. LinkedIn even checks the background of job seekers using standard LinkedIn features.

LinkedIn offers full-blown recruitment packages through its Talent Solutions, which requires a call with its sales team.



Homebase hiring helps you post a job to the top online job boards for free and lets you easily manage all your candidates and scheduling in one simple location.

If you have only one business work location, you can choose its Basic plan to get these features for free. With this platform, you can see your applicant no matter where they come from.


How to Post a Great Job Listing

The following information is included in most job postings.

  • You will have to give full general description of a broad overview of what the position does.
  • Follow by duties. The duties are the responsibilities or tasks that the position is responsible for.
  • Then follow by explain the knowledge, skill (KSAs), and abilities an individual needs to bring into the job to be successful.
  • Next is education and experience requirement to tell applicants the mix of formal experience they need in order to be consider for the job.
  • Then you state the starting salary range for the applicants to be aware.
  • Finally, you end it with application instructions


What Website Do Recruiters Use The Most?

Most popular recruiting tools these days is LinkedIn because of its ease of use. LinkedIn makes it easy for recruiters, who usually have a Recruiter account, to search for candidates based on their work history, job title, or college.

How Do You Recruit People Online?

A lot recruiters Run a Creative Ad Campaign targeted at employees & potential recruits on various job posting sites to attract the right candidates. You have to be sure to clearly describe the position that you are hiring for, and reference your company culture to build trust with potential candidates, when posting on a job site.

What Does A Great Job Post Look Like?

A great job posting decorates a quick picture of the job, with the most vital details, and includes your company website. If the position sounds interesting, candidates will want to learn more about your company and its culture on your website or job landing page.

Where Is The Best Place To Advertise A Job?

The best place to advertise job are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the best places if you want to share your job posting on social media. However, there are so many other platforms including more niche social media for specific industries.

Is Indeed Free For Job Posting?

Posting jobs on Indeed is free* for anyone, whether or not your company has a career site. You can also pay to Sponsor your job to help attract even more candidates. In addition, some only give one free time to post, the other job will require payment.

How Much Does Ziprecruiter Cost?

Pricing. ZipRecruiter plans start at $16 per job per day and go up to $1,569 per month. Indeed, is free to get started, and sponsored listings are based on performance. You only pay when the applicant interacts with your listing.



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