Best International Online Shopping Sites – 15 of The Best International Online Shopping Sites

Today I will be discussing with you the best international online shopping sites to use when you want to shop online. What are the best international online sites you can find on the web? When this term is heard, the first site that often comes to your mind is Amazon. Of course, Amazon is one of the best online shopping companies you can find around.

But the fact remains that there are also other companies. I strongly believe that your international shopping should not be limited to Amazon. For this reason, I have prepared the best online international shopping sites you can find around.

Best International Online Shopping Sites

Best International Online Shopping Sites

I am sure that there is quite a long list of online shopping sites in your country. What if you want to ship internationally or you don’t want to get a particular product from your country. Where do you go to? Most people would be unable to leave their country.

This brings us the best international shopping sites. In my list of best international shopping sites, there are bi platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Asos, eBay and so much more. Stay tuned for more.

Benefits of International Shopping

International shopping has some benefits to offer. One of the best things about international shopping sites is that you can order a product that you can’t find here. If you want to get a product that is not available in your country, this kind of shopping becomes helpful.

International shopping sites also have brand names that your local shopping company might not have. There are also some products that may be cheaper than the ones in your country.

How to Know Good International Shopping Sites

When shopping internationally, you should be very careful because of the rate of scammers. Before buying from any site, it is important that you read reviews on the site. The shipping rate should also be put into consideration.

This is because most sites offer cheap products and add the rest of the cost to shipping. You should also check the connection to the site if it is secure.

List of Best International Shopping Websites

In this section of the article, I would be showing you a list of some online shopping sites you can use to ship internationally. Here is the list;

  • Amazon.
  • AliExpress.
  • JCPenney.
  • Macy’s.
  • eBay.
  • Etsy.
  • Toys R Us.
  • Sears.
  • New Egg.
  • The Body Shop.
  • Overstock.
  • Café Express.
  • J Crew.
  • B & H Photo Video.
  • ASOS.

I would be explaining only a few of them in this article.


Like I said before, Amazon is one of the biggest online international shopping sites you can find online. This company website can be located using the official site URL. The only problem I encountered when shopping on amazon is the shipping rates.


AliExpress is also one of the most popular online shopping sites that come to your mind. This is an international shopping site in china. This site is willing to ship its products to all parts of the world. This site offers a different category of products.


This is an American shopping store or platform and it is loaded with lots of awesome items. JCPenney is one of the best stores where you can purchase almost anything you can think of buying. You can shop for items from items of clothing to houseware.

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This is one of the foremost retailers that are located in the US. Macy’s operates over 650 department stores. Shoppers can buy almost o the site from women and men’s clothing, etc. The site or store also allows users to directly communicate with the associates on the platform when a purchase is been made. By so doing, you can shop and enjoy Macy’s without stress.


eBay is one of the multinational eCommerce stores that are available in over 30 countries. You can buy or purchase items at a cheaper rate. It is one of the top sites for shopping. If you are searching for an online store where you can get items at cheaper rates, then you should check out eBay.


You can check out each of these sites personally but time would not let me speak on them individually. If you want to know more about these sites, you can make use of the search bar on your website.


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