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Everyone needs the best identity theft protection for their families. Theft is a nerve-wracking and time-consuming experience that can end up costing your arm and a leg – especially if more than one family member falls into the same trap.

Best Identity Theft Protection for Families

A lot of families currently are always using the internet 24 hours a day, some to shop online, mingle on social media platforms, conduct business and so on which can reveal something about your identity and personal information. In this state, you will need the best identity protection.

Best Identity Theft Protection for Families

There are several identity protection solutions on the market made with families in mind, and they won’t only protect your identity but also restore it if you fall victim to identity theft.

The best family identity theft protection plans feature two main services, prevention, and resolution. Some provide credit monitoring as well.

So, if you want to keep your family on the safe side, check out our top picks for identity theft protection services for families.

How to Choose the Best Identity Theft Protection?

How can I know the best identity theft protection for my family? You need to consider some things before you purchase the identity protection, below are some of them:

consider what sort and scope of information are monitored (such as credit records, Social Security numbers, and bank accounts) and how often it is done.

You should also check the price, the range of family plans the company provides, the scope of their customer support, and their track record in recent years.

check the available plans and evaluate their main and family-friendly features.

Best Identity Theft Protection

Below are some of the best picks so far:

Identity Guard


  • Monthly credit reports included
  • Proactive monitoring and near-real-time alerts
  • A wide array of features

The identity guard is one of the most affordable family plans. It has a better business bureau rating of A+, and more than 50 million customers having the opportunity to weigh in, identity guard has earned a solid reputation.

This app offers a wide variety of powerful features, it fails to provide additional details about its built-in mechanism to its potential users, making it less user-friendly.


Experian Identity Works


  • Assistance with fraud resolution
  • Dark web surveillance
  • Payday loan fraud prevention
  • Sex offender registry alerts
  • Social media monitoring for fraud
  • File-sharing network monitoring

Experian Identity Works is a great value for large families, as up to 10 minors and two adults can share low-priced plans.

Experian is a branch of the Experian credit monitoring bureau, and a big benefit of membership is daily updates of your Experian credit score.

You’ll also get quarterly reports with your FICO 8 score, which reflects data from all three major credit bureaus, and access to a FICO score simulator.


Zander Insurance


  • 24/7 phone support
  • Proactive monitoring for ID fraud in employment, healthcare, auto sales, tax refund filing, and more
  • Three years ID restoration with a certified case manager
  • Can save with other insurance products

Zander offers the most affordable family coverage on identity theft protection. Their family monthly pay is $12.90 plan covers minors for free, and the benefits are generous.

The company is well-positioned to guard against car title fraud, healthcare fraud, employment fraud, tax fraud, and other types of ID theft.


Aura Family Price


  • Cyberbully alerts and response
  • Monthly TransUnion credit score & annual three-bureau report
  • Bank account alerts
  • Tax refund alerts
  • Facebook timeline analysis
  • Dedicated case manager for ID fraud resolution

The app helps to protect yourself and your family from identity theft. The charges for Aura family monthly plans are $50 if you are paying one month at a time.

You can also get the same plan for just $37 a month if you sign up for 12 months of the service. One membership can cover all adults and minors in your home. Each family member has a unique login.




  • Instant credit freeze
  • Triple-bureau credit reports
  • Dark web scans
  • File-sharing site scans
  • Bank account monitoring
  • Crime alerts
  • Lost wallet protection

This is a powerful ID theft protection that is the suit of services from a long-standing industry leader. LifeLock provides a lot of features that’ll help you keep your family safe from identity theft and other cyber threats – and you can protect up to five devices with all plans.

Additionally, if you don’t want to spend time monitoring your credits and accounts, LifeLock will do the job for you and warn you about any potential threats.

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