Best GPS Trackers for Trailers

Without being told, you know the cost of a trailer is high, and that is the number one reason you need the best GPs trackers for trailers.

Best Gps Trackers for Trailers
Best Gps Trackers for Trailers

GP trailer tracking devices are a good option for adding safety and security to your already busy life. it helps you to know where your trailer was when it left the company and more.

Best Gps Trackers for Trailers

So, you will need to buy a trailer tracking system from the market if you want your trailer to be equipped with GPS.

Furthermore, this device is also a good idea for those big industries that have multiple trailers for transporting a lawnmower or two for a gardening service.

Different Trailers for Tracker

There are different types of trailers for trackers, below are some of the so far:

Utility Trailers: these trailers are a good option when you need to haul large that you can’t quite fit into any vehicle. However, it is best for transporting a business load, and personal, or recreational needs.  Whatever you’re carrying, it’s a good idea to equip your utility trailer with a GPS-trailing tracking device to deter trailer theft.

Dump Trailer

In addition to preventing theft, GPS trackers for dump trailers also allow for the prediction of arrival times and the duration of stays at customers’ locations.

Travel Trailers/Campers

While camping trailers and RV travel trailers share certain similarities, RV travel trailers are thought to be more closely related to mobile homes and RVs. So, installing a quality GPS tracker will help recover if it’s stolen.

Enclosed Trailers

These trailers are widely used for all kinds of purposes that range from bike trailers to car haulers, utility trailers, and more. however, you don’t want to lose your enclosed trailer or the contents in the event of trailer theft, so hurry and get the tracker for safety purposes.

Fleet Trailers

Your company’s dry van needs a fleet trailer tracker. Nevertheless, you can immediately begin monitoring everything from driver behavior to the length, speed, and even precise mileage that your trailers travel after you install a trailer-tracking GPS device.

Best Locations to Install A GPS Tracker On Trailers

For the vast majority of trailers, the ideal mounting location will be inside the trailer’s frame rail, close to the power supply or battery. because it can still quite easily acquire the power it needs and see the sky while being out of sight.

Other places to install a GPS tracker on trailers include:

  • Roof AC r vent enclosure with air-conditioned trailers
  • Tongue crank housing near the hitch
  • Registration box of dry van trailer or inside the 7-way box
  • Cowling near the top of the refrigeration unit for reefer trailers, connect power to the battery

Best Trailer Tracking Device to Shop on Right Now

The following are the best GPS tracker device to install on trailers so far:

LandAirSea-54 GPS Tracker


  • 100% waterproof
  • Ultra-compact design with a built-in magnet that’s supper-strong
  • dependable asset, person, or vehicle tracking with this personal GPS.
  • Offer both email and text alerts
  • Attaches easily the frame of the trailer
  • Tracking and mapping in real-time with Google Maps

This is an amazing GPS tracker with an easy-to-use feature. It offers the capability of customizing your settings so you are receiving all of the important updates like tracking movement notifications.

Plus, it is best for your trailers as it is compatible with Android, iPhone, and MAC devices as well as PCs.  It is made of weatherproof materials, ultra-durable for standing up to tough weather conditions. Moreover, it includes a built-in high-powered magnet that makes it simple to install the device on your trailer.


Spark Nano 7 GPS Tracker by Brickhouse Security 


  • North America’s smallest GPS tracker with 4G coverage.
  • a magnetic waterproof case.
  • See the location of your GPS trailer tracker in real-time.
  • No long-term commitment is necessary.

You may cross state and even national borders with this GPS trailer monitoring device from Brickhouse and never miss a crucial piece of information thanks to its quick 4G coverage.

The battery is a lithium polymer battery and it can last up to 15 days. However, it lasts 8 days if it is active. You can track your trailer on your cell phone with any provider and it has a magnet that is quite strong. The tracker is both small and sleek.


Trak-4 GPS Tracker for Equipment Trailers, and Vehicles


  • Select between elite or battery-saver reporting frequencies
  • Track 4 checks once a day even when not moving
  • Your device location can be shared with business associations, family, and friends.
  • Map history includes animated trails for indicating your device’s direction of travel over time.

This weatherproof tracker for trailers and vehicles offers good battery duration and a battery life of an 18-months. It also supports text messaging and it is small in size.

This GPS tracker is one of the best. Once your order, you get unlimited call data, no contract is required, and only costs $6.99 a month. Additionally, you can as well receive alerts when your battery gets low.


Tracki – 4G GPS Hidden Tracker/Locator


  • Support a 3G/4G network
  • IP65 waterproof
  • SIM card included
  • High-quality & powerful software functions
  • History playback, tamper alarm, geofence, and more

You can get the whereabouts of your trailer in real-time through Android, iPhone, or the web app with the help of a GPS tracker. It has a larger battery option in addition to a 12v hardwire power cable.

It features advanced 4G LTE Technology. This item comes with a sim card already install and does not require a clear view of the sky. It also features smart multiple alerts ranging from a vibration alert to a geofence alert, low battery alert, and more.


Spytec GPS Tracker (GL300) with App and Real-Time Tracking


  • Very easy to set up and track.
  • Extremely reliable.
  • The rechargeable battery lasts up to two weeks.
  • The automatic low-battery alert helps you with planning and tracking longer
  • Create custom boundaries.
  • Get detailed tracking information.
  • Receive customized alerts.
  • Get changeable maps.

One of the quickest and simplest to use GPS trailer tracking systems is this one. You can understand why this is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to these important and priceless instruments.

Its Android and iOS apps use 4G satellite technology to get location notifications. With its user-friendly software, you can easily customize the boundaries and warnings as well as view speed, past data, speed, distance, and more. You can even observe your trailer tracker as it moves on a map.

Furthermore, you can get flexible measurements and also use group monitoring on the same account.


Trailer Tracking Software & App

Every trailer tracker comes with an app that lets you track the location of your trailers. However, some include desktop software app that makes it easier to monitor from commercial dispatch centers and terminals.

Easy way to Track your Trailer with GPS

With your cell phone, tracking your trailer with GPS is easy. Just hardwired it into your trailers. However, you can install the phone tracker inside a metal toolbox or battery box. Perfect for dump trailer battery lockbox.

Price of GPS Tracker

It depends on the brand you get your trailer tracker from. Trakkit mobile brand offers 7.99 monthly, and 284.44 yearly. There are other brands like LandAirSea 54, track-4, and more. all these trackers have their own fixed price.


Using GPS trailer tracking devices is a good way to increase security and safety in your already hectic life. They can undoubtedly assist you in keeping tabs on your trailer (or even a fleet of trailers) and any contents that might be at risk in the event of theft.



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