Best Chest Freezers & Portable Fridge to Shop For

What are the best chest freezers to buy? A chest freezer is a container that is powered by electricity with a lid that opens at the top, for storing food at a very cold temp so that it freezes. However, this item helps keep your food safe for a long time.

Best Chest Freezers
Best Chest Freezers

However, these freezers are designed for stocking frozen food products in massive quantities. If you are in search of the best freezer to store frozen food and drinks for days, a chest freezer is all you need.

Best Chest Freezers

The best chest freezers offer more usable space and save more energy than an upright freezer. These freezer features a power-on indicator light, a safety lock to keep kids out, and an interior light.

Furthermore, it also has levelled legs for uneven flooring, three sliding storage baskets, and front temperature controls. We have gathered up some best chest freezers to shop on right now and a guide to help you make the right choice in case your choice is not listed here. But I believe you will find your worth.

Top Best Chest Freezers to Shop on Right Now

Here are our top picks on the best chest freezer to buy right now before the year runs out.

Best Of Best – Midea Chest Freezer

For those who are just sing out with freezing, this chest freezer is a better option to consider. It features easy to use and clean. It has two removable storage baskets made for easy organization of items, and an LED light to see what you are looking for.

However, this freezer has many settings which let you change the temperature of the unit, even converting it to a refrigerator if your needs change.


 Best Portable: Whynter 85-Quart Portable Fridge and Freezer

This is one of the most portable and easy-to-move freezers. It works on both AC and DV power. This chest freezer helps food frozen on camping trips, boats, and, RVs. However, it comes with two power cords, one for DC, which can be plugged into a car lighter socket, and one for AC.

Furthermore, the Whynter portable freezer fridge is a true freezer/refrigerator which cools between -6°F to 50°F.


RCA FRF470-BLACK 7.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer

This is one of the best chest freezers to buy currently with front controls that let you easily temperature adjustments. It features value for money and energy efficiency. Furthermore, it comes with an easy-access defrost drain and a manual defrost. This freezer is perfect for a hunting or fishing cabin, or basement.


Summit EL31LT Chest Freezer, White

This 10.6 cu. ft. chest freezer uses static manual defrost cooling to maintain a constant temperature, with an externally controlled digital thermostat to ensure easy temperature monitoring. Additional features include a solid, easy-grip handle complete with factory installed lock, a sturdy set of casters, and counterbalanced hinges for comfortable loading and unloading.


Frigidaire 7.0 Cu. Ft. White Chest Freezer

This is another amazing chest freezer with easy-to-clean features and enough space. This item came without any damage or dents and it works great. It is affordable and also it comes in whiter.


Summit EL11LT Chest Freezer, White

This is one of the best and safe storage chest freezers. It has capable of 45-degree C operation for safe storage of vaccines and other temp-sensitive materials. However, the digital thermostat with external control lets easy and precise temperature monitoring.


How to Choose the Best Chest Freezer

There are some things to consider when shopping for the best chest freezers online or in-store. Some of these factors include size, location, storage, and easy cleaning.

Size & Storage Capacity

This is one of the factors to consider when shopping for a chest freezer. You need to think of what you will be using your Freezer for when selecting the size to use. However, keep in mind that the inside capacity will likely be larger than your regular freezer.


The location to place your chest freezer in the room is very important. They are mostly relegated to a corner of the basement or garage but is vital to consider what the temperature range of the freezer’s location will be.

Organization Option

According to Finazzo’s statement, it is better to label everything you put in the freezer and use the included to keep things manageable.  “Try to avoid putting anything warm in your chest freezer”, Finazzo says. Put the hot food in the tray and let them cool before storing them in the kitchen.

Easy Cleaning

All chest freezers need to be regularly defrosted to prevent the build-up of ice inside the unit. However, it is required that you do this manually by unplugging the unit, opening the door, and letting the ice melt.

Other Features

Other Features to consider include:

  1. Noise level
  2. Adjustability
  3. Backout performance
  4. Amount of use
  5. Energy use
  6. Temp and climate classification
  7. Price

How to Care and Maintain Your Freezer

Here are tips on how to care for and maintain your freezer:

  1. Open the freezer only as often as you need to, and shut it as soon as you can
  2. Avoid an empty or partially empty freezer. Leaving it empty increase air circulation and lets more room for warm air to enter every time you open the door
  3. Make sure you keep the freezer away from heat sources like furnaces and water heaters
  4. Keep the freezer away from heat sources like furnaces and water heaters
  5. Keep the seal or the gasket clean. You can as well replace it if it loosens.
  6. Inspect the gasket before purchasing.


What Size Chest Freezer Is Best?

The size depends on your budget and the amount of use. However, for the best freezer size for your family, you could allow for 2.5 cubic feet of freezer space for each household member. For a family of four, a freezer with around 10 to 16 cubic feet of capacity could be ideal, depending on your storage needs.

How Long Do Chest Freezers Last?

Chest freezers are expected to last between 15 and 20 years while upright freezers have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Is A Frost-Free Freezer Better?

The cooling system of a frost-free freezer is usually more energy efficient than that of an auto-defrost freezer. However, it is also best to buy when planning to save up.

What Is The Difference Between A Chest Freezer And A Deep Freezer?

Both Whirlpool® Chest Freezers and Upright Freezers are considered deep freezers. However, an upright freezer has a vertical orientation with swing doors, and a chest freezer has a lid that you open from above

Can You Plug A Freezer Into A Regular Outlet?

A freezer is one of the easiest home appliances to install since it can plug into a standard wall electrical outlet.



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