8 Best Budgeting Apps 2022

This article will provide you with the 8 best budgeting apps of 2022. One way to effectively manage your expenses and save for your financial goals is through a budget.

8 Best Budgeting Apps 2022
8 Best Budgeting Apps 2022

However, most times, creating and sticking to a budget could seem very difficult. Nevertheless, with the right budgeting app, you would be able to track your spending habits and set strategies to save more.

8 Best Budgeting Apps 2022

Although there are so many budgeting apps, the best ones of 2022 come with amazing features that can help you effectively monitor your savings, investments, debt, and/or credit score. Some even offer alerts when you have an upcoming bill and recommend ways that you can save more.

Furthermore, the best budgeting apps are affordable and easy to use to integrate with your accounts. Check out the best budgeting app of 2022 below


This app is free to use. It tracks your expenses and places you on a budget to take control of your spending. Mint could also help you to pay down debt, save more money, and track goals. Mint splits your expenses into categories such as shopping, transportation, and bills. It lets you set spending limits for these categories and notifies you if you near those limits.

This app lets users view their credit score and net worth. In addition to all this, Mint works well with several kinds of accounts from checking to savings accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts.

Personal Capital

This free app has features that can help budgeters effectively track their spending. You can easily connect your account to this app. The app presents its users with information like their net worth and cash flow in graphs and charts.

Similar to Mint, this app also lets you know the categories of your expenses and set a spending limit for each category. Furthermore, the app can be accessed from your phone or desktop.


Honeydue is a budgeting app specially designed for couples. It allows both partners to sync their bank or credit card accounts and organize their finances in one place. With Honeydue, couples can handle their finances by creating monthly bill reminders.

One amazing feature of this app is that it allows couples to set up a monthly spending limit. If both or one of the couples nears the limit, Honeydue will automatically alert both.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

This app is easy to use to create and stick to a budget. As soon as you get paid, you can report to this app and your income will be split up into categories including goals, expenses, and savings. The app lets you get intentional with saving.

Furthermore, several kinds of accounts including your checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and loans can be synched to this app. YNAB works well on Android, iPad, Apple Watch, Alexa, and desktops.


PocketGuard is also one of the best budgeting apps that can help you understand your finances and take control of your spending. It allows you to link your accounts like bank or credit card accounts.

The app shows you how much you have left to spend after removing funds for necessities like bills, and goals. PocketGuard also tracks your net worth and the paid version offers a plan to pay down debt.


This app is one of the best to use for budgeting. That’s because it employs the envelope method. This app can effectively help you set aside a portion of your monthly income towards specific spending categories. You can access this app directly from your phone or on the website.


EveryDollar has two versions, the free and paid version. The free version of this app doesn’t sync accounts, but you can manually enter your transactions for a month. You can also categorize items in your budget and set reminders to pay bills. The free version helps you track expenses and set goals. However, the paid version of EveryDollar allows you to link your bank accounts.


Budget is also one of the best apps that work well for budgeters. Although you cannot link your bank accounts to this app, you can manually provide your expenses, bills, and payments. However, this app has tools and resources that can make it much easy for you to track your expenses and save more.


What Does a Budgeting App Do?

A budgeting app helps you organize your expenses into several categories such as needs and wants. This will enable you to know where and how much you spend on each category. Once, you know where your money is going, you can change your habit to save more for specific goals. Budgeting apps also create reports to help you understand your current financial position.

Why is Budgeting Important?

Budgeting ensures that you are not spending more than you’re earning. A budget makes it easier for you to pay bills on time and build an emergency fund.  It also allows you to plan for short and long-term goals.

What is the 70/20/10 Rule of Budgeting?

The 70/20/10 rule of budgeting allows you to separate your after-tax income into three categories based on specific percentages. It states that 70% of your income should go to needs and everyday spending. While 20% should go to saving and investing and 10% to debt repayment or donation.

How Do I Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

To stop living paycheck to paycheck, you have to

  • Set a budget.
  • Prepare yourself for the unexpected.
  • Get out of debt.
  • Limit purchases.
  • Increase your income.
  • Focus on the essentials.

How Should a Beginner Budget?

To create a budget as a beginner, you have to take the following steps

  • First, calculate your net income.
  • Track your spending.
  • Set realistic budgeting goals.
  • Make a plan.
  • Adjust your spending so that you can stick to the budget.
  • Review and update your budget regularly.



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