Best Apple Arcade Games – Best Arcade Games to Play on iOS Devices

The iPhone has always been an excellent place for gamers, but some Best Apple Arcade Games puts a fresh spin on things. After a free one-month trial, it costs $5 per month to subscribe. But that fee gives you and your family unrestricted access to a wonderland of great games with no in-app subscriptions or advertisements during access.

Best Apple Arcade Games

The service launched with quite 100 new and exclusive games, alongside a couple of familiar titles from other platforms. And more are being added all the time. These Best Apple Arcade Games work on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, but also on Macs and therefore the iPod Touch.

Best Apple Arcade Games

Apple Arcade is finally here, delivering numerous numbers of the Best Apple Arcade Games that you simply can play on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TV for just $5 a month.

However, with quite 64 games already available on the service at launch and lots of more to return. Apple is promising quite 100 games by this fall deciding what to play first is often overwhelming.

Best Apple Arcade Games 2022

That’s why I have selected some favorites games for you in this article. Whether you’re in the gaming mood for quick-fix arcade action, brain-twisting puzzles, or surreal indie adventures, here are the Best Apple Arcade Games:

Hot Lava

Remember playing “the floor is lava” as a kid? Hot Lava is that but adds to life as an addictive first-person platformer during which the ground level is literally lava.

You are required to master running, jumping, swinging, bouncing on trampolines, and wall-climbing. So as to avoid hitting the bottom, and every one of them feels great. With leaderboards and real-time multiplayer, Hot Lava is that the baseball for taking over your friends — or racing to beat their best scores.


This game is a Contra-like 2D shooter during which you fight spiders that also are dinosaurs. Not sold yet? This fluid sidescroller features a stunning art style that channels classic cartoons, and plenty of unlockable weapons.

And no shortage of intense Spidersaur bosses that might be terrifying if they weren’t so darn cool-looking.

Assemble with care

This game is created by the team behind Monument Valley. Assemble with Care may be a soothing narrative puzzle game that casts you as Maria, a lady who fixes stuff for a living. As you adventure through the town of Bellaria and fix cassette players, cameras, and all sorts of other gadgets.

By solving 3D puzzles, you’ll unravel a story that reveals the town’s residents themselves are those that require fixing. With a serene, ‘80s inspired soundtrack and a singular approach to storytelling, Assemble with Care is proof that even puzzle games are often moving.

Bleak Sword

Up for a challenge? Bleak Sword condenses Dark Souls-style combat into a bite-sized mobile experience. As you will slash, parry and roll your way around enemies throughout 9 chapters of action. The sport blends minimalist and modern art styles to striking effect, with stick-figure pixel characters that battle in bleak 3D dioramas.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

This is a game that must be seen and heard the maximum amount because it must be played. Dubbed a “pop album computer game,” Wild Hearts blends Temple Run-style running with basic rhythm challenges. Ready to an irresistible electronic soundtrack and wrapped in captivating neon fantasy visuals.

It’s not the foremost difficult game on Arcade, but it’s an ideal means to escape into some great sights and sounds for a couple of minutes or hours.

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