Best Air Mattresses – Best Air Mattress with A Headboard

Are you hosting overnight guests? Are you going on an outdoor camping trip? Then you need the best air mattress which offers a good night’s sleep. Even if you are temporary living situation where you need to use one every day, a quality air mattress that doesn’t break the bank is ideal.

Best Air Mattresses

What is an air mattress? An air mattress is a final way to expand the sleeping capacity in your home without adding any square footage or extra furniture, like a sofa bed. Read on to know more.

Best Air Mattresses

The air mattresses are very easy to set up, you can simply roll them out and dump them up to create an instant guest room wherever you have floor space. Looking for the best air mattress for you means balancing adequate back support, overall comfort, and feeling at least somewhat secure that the whole thing is not going to deflate overnight.

To support you make the right acquisition, we narrowed the field by first looking at the best-selling air mattresses and then analyzing them for features like sturdiness, quality materials, and ease of use.

Best Air Mattress with A Headboard

Below is the best air mattress so far:

AeroBed Comfort Lock Air Mattress (Twin)


  • Inflated dimensions: 78 x 54 x 20 in.
  • Fits standard full-size sheets
  • Supports up to 600 lb.
  • Full-size air mattress with headboard
  • Built-in air pump with auto-shutoff so you can choose firmness and walk away

Everyone gets to relax with the comfort lock laminated air mattress with a built-in pump + and headboard. The built-in pump with auto-shutoff lets you walk away as it inflates, while the secondary comfort lock pump silently maintains desired firmness all night.

A built-in headboard means pillows won’t slide off, and an integrated USB port. You’ll enjoy years of reliable use thanks to the air bed’s puncture-resistant laminated material.


Best Air Mattress for Camping

This Is an outdoor air mattress that’s sturdy and portable.

EZ Inflate Air Mattress (Queen)

  • Size Queen
  • Material Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Brand EZ INFLATE
  • Water Resistance Level Waterproof
  • Product Dimensions 80″L x 60″W x 16″T

This queen mattress is made from triple-layered, durable PVC. Each travel or camping mattress can support up to 300lbs. it is waterproof and puncture-resistant.

This double-high 16″ blow-up mattress has a premium, ultra-soft flocked top for non-slip stability wherever you rest your head. Coil beam technology provides real-mattress comfort and support.


Best Innovative Air Mattress

This air mattress is built with extra bells and whistles.

Brookstone Innovations Perfect Air Bed (Queen)

  • Size: Queen
  • Item Firmness Description: Extra Plush
  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Brand: Brookstone

Brookstone Perfect Air Bed features a quick and easy built-in inflation and deflation switch. It is designed for in-home use; this mattress reaches full inflation in under 2 minutes and will stay inflated for days.

If you prefer a firmer surface, use the pump for a quick top up, Cord tucks away safely in the built-in storage port. Then when you are done, it deflates completely at the push of a button for easy foldaway storage.


Best Air Mattress for Everyday Use

This air mattress is for everybody and is a durable yet cushy mattress that is comfortable for regular use. Can be used for travel and camping.

Englander Air Mattress (Queen)

  • Size: Twin
  • Brand: Englander
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Product Dimensions: 80″L x 60″W x 20″T

This twin air mattress with built in pump usage allows you to lay in the lap of luxury with microfiber to keep you cool and comfortable all night. It includes a pump that can blow u your bed in around 90 seconds and deflates itself with the push of a button.

This fit for all occasions, it is an air mattress camping buffs can’t live without – you can take it indoors for house guests, outdoors for adventure, or anything in between.


Best Air Mattresses for Guests

The following are some of the best air mattresses for guests.

EnerPlex Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

  • Size: Queen
  • Item Firmness Description: Firm
  • Brand: EnerPlex
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof

This premium is a waterproof blow-up mattress that can be used as a floor mattress at home, a portable bed for traveling, and even as a camping mattress in the great outdoors.

The twin air mattress is built within pump that inflates in under 2 min. If camping or traveling, you can use a portable battery pack or car outlet adapter alongside the pump to inflate.

It is designed with puncture-resistant PVC, and this 16″ raised inflatable bed has a premium comfort top flocking to prevent leaking and provide non-slip stability.


Active Era Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

  • Size: Premium Queen
  • Item Firmness Description: Firm
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Brand: Active Era

This air mattress with a built-in pump features a unique 3-inch built-in raised pillow for improved head and neck support and improved spinal alignment for bed-like comfort throughout the night.

The integrated easy-to-use electric pump quickly inflates the queen-size air mattress with a built-in pump to full firmness in less than 3 minutes. At the flick of a switch, it will automatically deflate the inflatable bed for easy storage and transportation in the handy travel bag provided.


Best Air Mattresses FAQs

Below are some frequently asked Faqs.

Is It Okay to Sleep on An Air Mattress Every Night?

Technically yes, although there isn’t really any data to show which type of mattress is best for your back—inflatable or otherwise, Vucich says. “It really comes down to the position that your neck and back are in when you’re lying down on any mattress,” she explains.

How Can I Make My Air Mattress as Comfortable as Possible?

For you to make your air mattress as comfortable as possible, Vucich says that your alignment and positioning when you sleep can make a big difference. “If you’re sleeping on your back, you may want to have a flatter pillow to fill in that lordosis in your neck,” she says.

What height air Mattress is best?

About 18 inches high. The best height comfortable air mattress is about 18 inches according to different research, which is the approximate height of a mattress set on a box spring on the floor. It makes it easy to climb in and out of bed.



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