Bath Shower Accessories – 6 Functional Bathroom Accessories That Double as Décor

Bath shower accessories or bathroom accessories, whichever way you may put it are very essential in every home and apartment.

Bath Shower Accessories

Bath Shower Accessories

Remember in our younger years and day we all shopped for bathroom accessories and essentials that served a primary function. Being a metal trash can or even a plastic shower curtain, whatever it is sufficed our needs and got the job done whatever it is.

But on the other hand, as we all got older and got out of our starter apartments and homes our tastes and preferences gets more refined. One thing we all realized as we got older is that just because an accessory in our bathrooms serves a purpose doesn’t mean it has to compromise our space.

We also got to know that every bathroom necessity and essentials ranging from storage accessories to textiles can add to the beauty of our bathroom space as well as compromise it.

The abundance and wide range of very beautiful products at the disposal to everyone on the market, this day make decorating our bathroom space very easy. And to even sweeten your shopping experience in regards to shopping for bathroom accessories, I will be making a list of some bathroom accessories that also double as décor.

6 Functional Bathroom Accessories That Double as Décor

Below are the best bathroom accessories that can also double as a décor;

Anthropologie Fountain Planter

Regardless of whether you’re tight on space or have to put together your vanity, Anthropologies’ Fountain Planter will make an extraordinary expansion to your washroom. There’s a lot of space for cosmetics and fragrance yet the adjusted plan won’t occupy a lot of room on your counter.

One of the best parts about this ceramic piece is its versatility. The center of this piece can also double as a planter while it may also be a very handy organizational piece. This means that you can choose to show your beauty products with it, a fresh floral product you bought, or you can simply do both.

Blomus Sono Vanity Mirror

In the event that you’re on the chase after a decent mirror, consider Blomus’ Sono plan. The insignificant earthenware and silicone style is presented in an assortment of shadings and offers prime amplification that is ideal for doing your cosmetics, hair, or skincare schedule.

One very interesting part of this product is that it includes a holder that’s separate. And with that, you can either hold it for a closer look or set it on your countertop. The product comes in six colors and has a modern design that can easily incorporate with any other bathroom accessory you already have.

Mosa Bamboo Natural Bath Shower Math

Assuming a restroom mat or shower mat is excessively regular for you, this bamboo shower and shower mat will add a feeling of nature into your washroom. Made from veritable bamboo, it has a basic yet rich look.

You may not have to worry about washing or keeping it clean, but due to the fact that it is made out of wood, you may want to be very careful as to where you keep it after use, preferably in a well-ventilated area. It is primarily made for indoor use but it can also be used for an outdoor shower or simply just an outdoor mat.

Lulu and Georgia Zallie Trash Can – Bath Shower Accessories

A garbage bin is a restroom must-have that can fill in as a snazzy component in your space. Take Lulu and Georgia’s Zallie Trash Can, for instance, which has a smooth matte look that will work in pretty much any space.

The trash can is presented in three neutral tones which are dark, charcoal, and nude. It’s made of sturdy pressed wood and furthermore includes two implicit handles, so it’ll be not difficult to get and exhaust its substance at whatever point you really want.

Parachute Fouta Supreme Towel Bundle

Parachute is known for its luxury bedding and shower designs and this towel pack surely doesn’t baffle. The 18-piece set incorporates every one of the basics—six hand towels, six washcloths, and your decision of six shower towels or shower sheets, to be definite—which are all made of Turkish cotton that is permeable and sturdy. The set makes certain to match well with any planning style, as well, because of an insignificant, striped design all through.

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

There are so many shower plates and caddies to look over, yet we have never experienced one as flexible as Royal Craft Wood’s extravagance caddy. The multifunctional plate, accessible in five distinct completions of waterproof bamboo, can be utilized in the shower or even as a bedplate.

An assortment of openings securely keeps your book, tablet, wine glasses, most loved flame, or a bar of cleanser, while two removable plates can hold both shower and spa embellishments. Its extendable handles guarantee that it’ll fit any measured tub, while non-slip silicone grasps keep it from sliding.


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