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There are more Banking Alternatives options than ever for using and managing your money if you don’t have a saving or bank account. There are many things to think about when evaluating Banking Alternatives, including fees, risks, and rules.

Banking Alternatives

Although employing a bank is that the commonest method of storing and accessing your money, there are some alternatives you ought to consider. If you are feeling that your bank isn’t supplying you with what you would like. Then perhaps it’s time for a change.

Read more on this article to get some best Banking Alternatives for you today and more years.

Banking Alternatives

The Best Banking Alternatives make it straightforward and straightforward to transfer money through your smartphone or other mobile devices.

Transfer apps offer the power to send money across the planet using different currencies in a way that’s simple, easy, and pain-free. There’s usually a charge related to such transfers. So confirm you check the fees. But the simplest services usually offer reasonable rates that are well worth the cost of convenience.

Security remains a key provision with money transfer apps, ensuring that your transactions are protected. Through a mixture of features to stay them safe. Which should include strong encryption between devices.

Top Banking Alternatives

Here is my list of Top Banking Alternatives:


With WorldRemit you’ll send money to contacts in over 150 different countries. And transfers are often received as a deposit, cash pickup, mobile credit, or an airtime top-up. Better of all, the time interval is simply a matter of minutes. Making for near-instant availability at the opposite end.

When the transfer is completed, both sender and recipient receive an SMS or email notification, giving peace of mind that the cash has arrived safely. The service also promises money protection of the ‘highest possible standards’ because of ‘industry-leading’ tech and licenses with governments across the planet.


Less of a household name, but well deserve its place in our list, is Azimo, which has apps available in Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

From the instant you hit forward your transfer to the purpose of collection, Azimo keeps you fully up-to-date on the status of your transaction via the app.

But while the technology in money transfer services usually takes care of itself. The bureaucracy around collecting bank and cash payments in other countries is often faraway from simple. So, Azimo’s location-specific instructions for collection are a pleasant touch.

Though hooked into a destination, the fees are very reasonable. And therefore, the service can calculate over 200,000 pick-up points worldwide. The customer service is robust too, albeit it’s restricted to email instead of the phone.


While the everyday user can make quick and straightforward payments via their phone, businesses are ready to give an increasingly mobile-first audience a smooth, handheld checkout on purchases.

At present, Venmo’s reputation maybe a little stronger within the former category. The ‘digital wallet’ nature of the service makes it appealing for mobile-savvy individuals eager to make quick peer-to-peer transfers to friends. With the experience enhanced by the power to share purchases on their Venmo feed and add comments and emojis to their contacts’ shared purchases.


PayPal’s app maintains a more corporate look and feel. Its tight security measures. Making you enter your password whenever you open the app. For instance, it further emphasizes the business heritage. While this might desire a small inconvenience, it’s surely a wise security measure.

PayPal’s mobile transfers match the remainder of the sector in terms of speed. But you are doing get charged on open-end credit transactions. A rarity when it involves domestic transfers.

Western Union

It is likely that Western Union is one of the primary names that spring to mind once you consider money transfers. So, it should be of little surprise that the corporate has mocked up a really handy app to require its global service to your mobile.


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