Awesome Places to Visit During Christmas in Europe

We have very good suggestions for you on some awesome places to visit during Christmas in Europe. Christmas is almost here, just a week away and you may be thinking of the best place to have a nice Christmas getaway in Europe.

Awesome Places to Visit During Christmas in Europe

Awesome Best Places to Visit During Christmas in Europe

Christmas Europe is always filled with lots of fun, with snow everywhere, fun things to do, and places to visit. There are many beautiful cities you can visit with resorts, parks, streets, and restaurants dressed with the best decorations.

The Christmas season unveils some of the best attributes of Europeans and European nations. Spending Christmas in Europe will surely give you some memories you will never recover from.

The Best Places for a Christmas Vacation in Europe

The countries in Europe are outstanding for celebrating Christmas in the best ways. They have very diverse but beautiful Christmas cultures. Some of the best places to spend your Christmas in Europe are;

Prague, Czech Republic

Czech deserves its spot at the top of the list because it has everything it takes to offer you the best Christmas holiday experience. The breathtaking architecture it has provides you with a truly dramatic backdrop for sipping scented mulled wine.

Just like some other places in Europe, the Czech is a very chilly place to spend Christmas.  It is among the most famous places in Europe that provide you with an excellent opportunity to discover traditions, cultural values, and delicious dishes.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna in Austria is one of the places in Europe with the best Christmas vibes. it offers sparkling and elegant Christmas markets, legendary café culture, and old-world charm. During the holidays this location keeps shining bright with the awesome array of Christmas lights.

In the Viennese Christkindlmarkts, you can perceive the smell of sausages and hot chestnuts. If you need a perfect place for the kids, you can visit Alt Wiener Weihnachtsmarkt which is a favorite for its handicraft ceramics and toys. The Globe Museum is one of the best for all ages and the Rathausplatz is perfect for ice skating.

Nuremberg, Germany

Want to have the best Christmas experience in Europe, go to Nuremberg, Germany. One of the first places to gain attraction from tourists.

Although there are lots of things you may likely see in Nuremberg, Germany. The Christkindlesmarkt is similar to those all over Germany. One of the exciting things to try is the delicious delicacies Nürnberger Lebkuchen and the popular frosted hearts and gingerbread houses.

While in Nuremberg, you might want to attend the concerts and enjoy Christmas music in churches and have a tour around the old city in a horse carriage.

Stuttgart and the Black Forest, Germany

There is no place in Germany more enchanting than the Black Forest region. One of the biggest and oldest of them, it has nearly 300 beautifully decorated cabins selling gifts and foods.

There are sections dedicated to children that feature a train ride through a miniature village and a Ferris Wheel of giant Christmas Tree ornaments.

There are lots of things to enjoy in Stuggart; Stuggart market, the Baroque Christmas Market, and Germany’s largest chocolate festivals.

Tallin, Estonia

This is one of the best places to have a good Christmas time with the members of your immediate family. The Christmas market at Tallin is one of Europe’s most authentic and charming markets.  You will find lots of stalls selling woolly hats and hand-carved wooden ornaments.

Some places you should explore here are the UNESCO-protected medieval old town Hall. Here you can snap lots of pictures of pastel-colored facades and old-world street lamps. After that, you can sit back and admire the towering Christmas trees sitting at the top of fresh snow.

Colmar, France

This could also pass as one of the best places to stay in Europe. This is one of the most magical Christmas towns in the world. Colmar is a 13th-century village, referred to as little Venice. In this beautiful village, you can experience the magic of Christmas in its most pure and original form. Each street has its own district architectural features and the markets are like mini villages.

There, you can find lots of passionate and enthusiastic craftsmen with the best quality of products. You can also find guided tours, wine tastings and traditional toy exhibitions, and a host of concerts and other performances.

Innsbruck, Austria

This is one of the top destinations of Australia. It is surrounded with snow-covered mountains. It has one of the most ideal settings for a Christmas market, each having its own unique vibe.

The old town market at the Maria – Theresia-Strasse. At the old market, you will most likely find stalls offering gingerbread, delicate ornaments made of hand-blown glass, candles, wooden toys, delectable pastries, and a lot of handmade arts and crafts. You will also find traditional dishes such as Kiachl and a mug of Glühwein.

Cologne, Germany

This is a very old city located around the River Rhine in Germany. This place boasts a high dosage of Christmas charm. It is known for having one of the best Christmas markets in Germany. It is famous for its spectacular Gothic cathedral that almost envelops the whole city.

This is a very good place for holiday enthusiast.  It has a large market held in Cathedral square. You can spend an evening in Cologne, Germany sampling regional specialties and festive pastries, and picking up toys, glass ornaments, and wood carvings.

Vilnius, Lithuania

This place is regarded by researchers as one of the best-kept secrets in Europe. It features an old town Listed by UNESCO and a cobblestone street that leads to coming beautiful churches, monasteries, and palaces. Vilnius is one of the best places to visit during Christmas in Europe.

There are lots of displays to make you marvel at the Christmas markets. Photogenic Christmas tree sets in Cathedral square are made of a very spectacular design rather than its normal ornaments.

Visitors can dress up and join the annual Christmas run, while other travelers can delight in the city’s food scene.

London, England

Is there a person who has seen the beautiful scenery on virtual screens and not want to visit London? London is one of the shiniest places during Christmas time. You can walk down oxford street for last-minute shopping and visit the ice rinks at Somerset House and the Natural history Museum.

Want to make your time in London even more exciting? You can also visit Hyde park’s winter Wonderland. If you want to pick up handmade wooden toys and enjoy festive gingerbread, you can head to the Christmas market at Tata Modern.

Conclusively, Europe is one of the best continents to enjoy a perfect Christmas. Want to make your Christmas even more special? Visit any of these places with your family.

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