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What is Have Avatar Setup on Facebook? Have you been looking forward to creating your own emoji of yourself? Are you tired of using the old smiley or emoji on Facebook? If yes, then with Avatar Setup on Facebook you can do that. But how can you do that? That is what we are going to be talking about today in this article. (Avatar Setup on Facebook)

You must have seen various Facebook posts or feed of different Avatars. This is Facebook has released a new feature that has people create their Avatar. This is quite similar to that of Apple’s Animoji and Snapchat Bitmoji. This Facebook has got Facebook even more interesting and fun to be in. and you can join in the fun too. Read on to find out more. (Avatar Setup on Facebook)

Avatar Setup on Facebook

Avatar Setup on Facebook

The Avatar Set up on Facebook is the same as creating your own Avatar. The Facebook Avatar is a feature that allows you to make a cartoonish character of yourself that looks like you. But you can also make a cartoon character that doesn’t look like you too. (Avatar Setup on Facebook)

Once you have created that Avatar to your taste you can now start using them. You can decide to use them on private messages and on people’s posts. They can also be used as your profile picture and be posted on your feed. And the step to do this is just easy. So you don’t have to worry about putting too much effort. (Avatar Setup on Facebook)

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So if you have been trying to create your Facebook and don’t know how then the following steps will guide you on How to Build Your Facebook Avatar. Make sure that your Facebook mobile app is up to the latest version.

  • Open your Facebook official mobile app on your devices.
  • Click on the three lines at the top right corner of your Facebook homepage for android users.
  • For iPhone users, these three lines are at the bottom right of the Facebook homepage.
  • A new category will come up. Scroll down and click on “See More”.
  • Now you will find the “Avatar Option”. Click on it.
  • A screen for creating your Avatar will display. Tap on “Next and Get Started”.
  • Now you can create your Avatar by choosing the skin color, the shape of the face, the color of eyes, the shape of body, hairstyle, and others.
  • Once you are done click on the “Check Mark” icon to continue.
  • Now tap on “next and Done”.

And you are done with the Avatar creation process. You can now start using them in chats and comment boxes. You can also choose to use them in your post and profile picture. (Avatar Setup on Facebook)

Facebook Avatar (Avatar Setup on Facebook)

Do you know you can also Edit Your Facebook Avatar? Yes, you can. With time one can decide to change the look of their Avatar. Or maybe get tired of the current look of it. So that is why there is the option to edit (Avatar Setup on Facebook). To edit you just have to go back to the Avatar option Again and do that. Below are the steps to follow.

  • Navigate yourself back to the Avatar option again.
  • Now tap on the pencil icon at the top right corner of the Avatar screen.
  • Now you will be taken back to the creation screen where you can carry out the editing.
  • If you are through with it, click on the “Check Mark” icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on Next and Done.

Now you have successfully edited your own Facebook Avatar. You can still do this as many times as you want. (Avatar Setup on Facebook)

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