Artificial Stocks To Consider As The Trends Heat Up

Working in the stock market comes easily to some persons, while to other persons it’s not all that easy. They see it as a set of jargon. Well in general terms, the stock market is a data game, I mean all data. And if you are having issues with data, then you are going to find it difficult and not funny at all. Getting the best piece of information in time and also on the other hand knowing how to make use of the acquired piece of information are two main key parts to success in the stock markets. In this article, I will be discussing and sharing with you some of the artificial stocks to consider as the trends heat up.

Artificial Stocks To Consider As The Trends Heat Up

Artificial Stocks To Consider As The Trends Heat Up

Did you know that according to industry market research, artificial intelligence companies will be experiencing growth any time soon? The artificial intelligence sector in 2018 alone totaled $10 billion. The research also shows that by 2025, the industry is expected to reach over $125 billion. Have you ever wondered what is behind the growth of personal assistance devices such as Siri and Alexa? If you have wondered, well here is an answer for you. Artificial intelligence of course is behind the growth of these digital devices. Also, most online pop-ups and online advertising are powered by artificial systems.

Engineers and developers in the field are making progress in fine-tuning the codes behind the industry, meaning the industry will only improve. All the technological improvements made will only find their way in the stock markets and the companies that will help develop, build them and roll them out are going to benefit maximally from the upcoming surge and boom. The industry no doubt is a very competitive one. And experts in the field have earmarked some stocks that will be improving in their stock values soon. In a bit, I will be sharing some of these stocks with you. And of course, you should know that they are interesting, each of the stocks I will be mentioning and also they have their own way of approach to the market.

Remark Holdings

Popularly known as mark, the first company on my list makes use of artificial intelligence to power its network of subsidiaries. This company is not a wide range of products in the AI community including digital content delivery, facial recognition, online retail and so many more including china’s social credit system. Headquartered in Las Vegas, it has operating offices in Beijing, Chengdu, and shanghai. Its signature product, Kankan is in use in regions all over the globe most especially in china in retail outlets. This technology gives insights into customer behavior. With this retailers can get to makeshift operations and present the right items to the sales market just about the right time.

Remark Company usually operates at a net loss just like most startups. But here is something that you should know about this company regarding the latter. The scale of loss has been declining even during the coronavirus pandemic period. The earnings per share used to be 5 cents. In the same year in Q2, it improved to 4 cents. In terms of revenue, this company has been growing too steadily. The revenue grow from $260, 000 in Q4 of last year to $431, 000 in Q1 of this year and then to $2.3 million in Q2 of this same year.

WISeKey International Holdings

The next company on my list is a company in the cybersecurity industry. This company develops codes, crypto algorithms, and chips. This very company does not put all of its focus on one line of business. This company also creates secure digital identification ecosystems using artificial intelligence and also IoT systems and blockchain. The customers of this company are mostly marketers looking for brand protection and financial institutions in search of secure digital systems. Some of the products of this company are semiconductor chips amongst others.

These chips can be used in secure microcontrollers and smart card readers. They enable AI platforms to alter the rate of transactions while in the process of improving safety and privacy. WISeKey is also involved in the business of online brand and digital identity protection and many more. This company finished the 1H20 raking up $8 million in revenues. It also had $16 million in cash reserves. Experts in the field see this company as one which represents a high-risk opportunity as the company has proven it worth in producing a stream of new technologies and solutions that are applicable to the real world.


Five9 is a cloud computing company. This company offers a contact center platform that is based on intelligent cloud technology. This company has had its services become important to its customers and even more marketable since and during the coronavirus pandemic. The company has experienced a slow but yet steady growth in revenue that has gone to reach $99.8 million in Q2 alone. The EPS of this company also is one that always beats the forecasts.

This company uses AI tech in creating a better customer contact platform. the products of his company streamlines the relationship and agent-customer engagement which can be seen in mobile, chat, web, social media, or via email. With this, the inbound and outbound contacts for the customer center become more efficient. An agent can handle each of the channels from a single desktop AI interface. And this is something that has grown to have great value in today’s environment.

These are some of the artificial stocks to consider as the trends heat up in the market today. Of course, there are lots of other stocks to consider, but given the data present in this article; these are some of the best platforms and startups to consider.



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