Aria Charts – Australia’s Official Music Charts Platform

Have you heard if aria charts before? Like the main music sales charts in Australia issued every week by the Australian music sales chart? If you are a music fan and you haven’t heard of this music charts platform, then this is your chance of learning about something great today. You finding yourself on this page is not a coincidence. Well if on the other hand, it is a coincidence then you have to make a real impact with this opportunity you have got. If you are a music fan then you have at least the slightest idea as to what the aria music charts is all about. But if on the other hand, you don’t have a clue as to what it is about, you have nothing to worry about as I will be explaining it to you in a bit.

Aria Charts

Aria Charts

In order to get a full understanding, we will have to go back in time in the history of music charts in Australia, but before I do that for the benefit of this who have no idea as to what a music chart is and for knowledge purposes, I will be drifting a bit, explaining in particular what a music chart is. With no further delay here is what a music chart is.

A music chart also known as a record chart is a ranking of songs recorded according to various criteria during a given period of time. Thinking about the criteria’s used in ranking these songs; well they vary and are often in combinations. Some of these criteria include the number of songs downloads, number of record sales, amount of radio play. And, lastly the amount of streaming activity. When referring to song charts, some of them are limited to a song category or genre. And others to a geographical location.

Like you may have known already by now, the most common period or times covered by a chart is the period of one week. The chart is being broadcasted at the end of this time (one week). However, there is something also known as summary charts. Well, these charts are collated for years and even maybe decades and are then calculated by their component weekly charts.

Now that you have an idea as to what a music chart is. Then you should have an understanding of what aria charts are. Aria charts is the main Australian music sales chart. This chart is issued by the Australian recording industry association. The chart just as I have explained already in this article is a record of the highest-selling songs and albums in various genres in Australia. This chart became the official music chart in Australia after succeeding in the kent music report in June 1988. The Kent music report however has been Australia’s national music sales chart since 1974.

Aria Charts Archive

What is the aria charts archive? Well, you shouldn’t be confused by this term in any way as it is actually straight forward and simple. The archives of this great platform just as the name imply is a place on the platform where you get all the charts ever collated on the platform. The archives contain charts from previous years. And they are been kept or archived here so users can easily access them whenever they want. To get direct access to the aria charts archive, go here.

About Aria Charts Forum

These charts collated on this platform are based on the data of the combination of both physical and digital retailers and also music streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube. In the whole world, this is the only platform that is targeting the Australian market. The weekly aria charts released are on apple music and Spotify. And this is done every Saturday at 5 pm, Sydney time.



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