Apps to Send Money from Canada to US: Top 5 Apps to Send Money from Canada to the US

Are you in search of apps to send money from Canada to US? If you are then you are in the right place. Sending money from one nation to another is what is seen by so many as an impossible task. Truth be told, sending money isn’t always easy.

The practice has been around since money came into existence. But with the restrictions in technology meant it used to be harder in the olden days. Thanks to technology and the internet, sending money from one place to another is no longer an issue one should worry himself or herself about.

Apps to Send Money from Canada to US

Apps to Send Money from Canada to US

Just as I have mentioned earlier, sending money from one continent is now easier compared to the earliest times of its practices. One can now easily send money in various ways. You can send your money to another continent via your financial institution.

You can also send money via money transfer organizations or companies. Yes, there are companies that engage in such business models. On the other hand, some of these companies now have mobile apps.

Sending money even became easier with the introduction of these apps. With these apps, you can easily send money from your home, the office, school, market, or even on the go. From your mobile device and from the comfort of your home you can now send money to your siblings, friends, business partners, parents and so much more.

Top 5 Apps to Send Money from Canada to the US

If you have been following me carefully, you should know I made mention that there are various ways through which one can send money. In this article though I will be telling you of the top five apps with which we can all easily send money. Below are the top five apps in sending money from Canada to us;

  • OFX.
  • WorldRemit.
  • Transferwise.
  • Western union.
  • PayPal.

There are many other apps with which we can send money from Canada to the USA, but these are the top five and most trusted of them all. These apps are different but they possess all unique qualities. With each of these apps one can get access to each of the features below;

  • Live exchange rates.
  • Set rate alerts.
  • Track your transfer.
  • No minimum transfer amount.
  • Cash pickup.
  • Transfer to various currencies and so much more.

There are other great features of this app. You will get to know about them when you start making use of them.

Important Tips to Note When Choosing Money Transfer Apps

Most of the money transfer apps are really great, but some are just better than others. When choosing a money transfer app it is important to put some things in contention such as;

  • Exchange rates.
  • Fees.
  • Speed.

These are the most important factors that should come into play when choosing money transfer apps.

How to Download These Apps

All of these apps that are listed in this article are downloadable. You can easily download and install them to your mobile device from your device’s app store. On Android devices, you can download these apps from the Google play store. On iOS devices, on the other hand, you can download these apps from the apple app store.


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