Apps That Pay You to Play Games – List of Apps That Pay You to Play Games

We spend so much time on our phones playing games why not get paid using it here are apps that pay you to play games. It may sound like a scam but these apps are genuine and will legitimately pay you money to play games and complete other tasks within the app.

It may not pay enough for you to quit your job but you can easily make some extra spending money or you can put the money in your savings.

Apps That Pay You to Play Games

Apps That Pay You to Play Games

It can be hard to tell just how much you can make with this app because most of them reward points instead of cash. You can easily exchange these points for gifts-card or cash. With different ways to earn and spend a point, it is tricky to say just what you are getting for your efforts. Some app pays you pennies but earning those pennies for the simple tasks can make them add up quickly.

List of Apps That Pay You to Play Games

Now you are ready to start earning a few extra bucks with a few clicks of your smartphone. Here are some lists of apps that pay you to play games.

  1. Swagbucks.
  2. Verydice.
  3. Mypoints.
  4. Inboxdollars.
  5. Coin pop app.
  6. Earningstation.
  7. Pointclub.
  8. Toluna opinions.
  9. Bananatic.
  10. iRazoo.
  11. Play and win.
  12. Ibotta.
  13. Fanduel.
  14. Pogo.


Swagbucks is an app that rewards you for the things you are already doing on your phone so it is a good app to take advantage of. The app offers other options apart from playing games for you to earn points.


This app is a game that is very simple. You click the screen of your phone to roll a pair of dice. Points earned can be used to exchange for actual prizes that can be found on the Amazon website or for a gift card of your choice.


This app is one of the longest-standing small task sites out there and gets paid to play games, shop online, watch videos, complete surveys, and much more. Each time you refer a friend that signs up using your link you earn 10% of their earnings without taking away from their earnings.

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This app pays cash for doing the things you already do on your phone. You will find vast collections of games to play in order to earn cash, including both free and paid games. You only need to spend a few minutes every day for saving to add up. This app is unique because you can redeem your earnings for actual cash instead of gift cards and other prizes.

Coin Pop App

Out of all the apps on the list, this app is the one that most resembles actually playing games. Each day there will typically one to three different games you can play. You can refer a friend and earn a commission. You can withdraw to PayPal once you reach the minimum.


This app is similar to Swagbucks; you get to complete a wide variety of small tasks online. You earn cash by watching videos, completing polls, taking surveys, playing games, and much more. Some of the tasks pay quite well especially if you are into playing games or taking surveys.


PointClub is particularly known for a survey but they also give you cash for playing games. You get a bonus just for registering as a new user and as soon as you hit twenty-five dollars in your account. You can cash it as a gift card or PayPal payment.

These are some of the apps that pay you for playing games and they either pay you in cash or gift cards.


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