Apple’s New iMac – New iMac (32in, 2021) Release date

Have you heard about Apple’s new iMac? Well, Apple’s redesigned 24in iMac is exciting; it boasts a slimmer build, bigger display, Apple’s M1 43202-2 processor, and a raft of hardware improvements, and it’s available in a variety of eye-catching colors too.

Apple's New iMac

The best part is that it gives us a glimpse at what to expect from the successor to the 27in iMac, with rumors suggesting a screen increase possibly up to 32in alongside its dramatically thin new form factor.

With Apple’s deadline of transitioning its Mac range to Apple Silicon drawing ever closer, it’s possible that we could see the reveal of a new big iMac in the coming months. Here’s all there is to know so far, including release date rumors, pricing speculation, and the latest leaks.

Apple’s New iMac

The iMac is Apple’s all-in-one desktop computer. The latest iMac features a complete redesign, improved performance through the M1 chip, and a 24-inch 4.5K display. Apple typically updates the iMac on an annual basis, although the smaller, less powerful model has been updated less frequently.

New iMac (32in, 2021) Release date

When Apple initially revealed its transition to its own Apple Silicon back in June 2020, the company claimed the process would take two years. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that the upgraded big iMac will make an appearance by June 2022 at the latest.

Of course, the larger 27in iMac hasn’t been updated since August 2020, and fans have had a taste of what’s to come with the reveal of the redesigned 24in iMac, so it’s safe to say that fans are keen to get their hands on the upcoming model. 4a Unboxing

But while many assumed the larger iMac would follow on months after the 24in the model, leaker @Dylandkt claims that the high-end iMac isn’t due for release until 2022.

While the leaker doesn’t go into any detail as to why this might be the case, production issues allegedly plaguing the yet-to-be-announced redesigned MacBook Pro could force the company to delay the launch of the new iMac until it’s confident it can keep up with demand.

New iMac (32in, 2021) Pricing

Considering we don’t yet have a solid release date, it’s a little early to hear anything about potential pricing of the redesigned larger iMac. What we can do, however, is look at the 24in iMac release to give us an idea of what to expect – and it looks like it could be good news.

Despite the redesigned form factor, increase in display size and introduction of new tech including Apple’s M1 and an upgraded webcam, the 24in iMac pricing reflects that of its older 21in counterpart.

If Apple decides to do the same with the larger model, we could see the new iMac come in at the same price as the existing 27in range.

What Will the New 32in iMac Offer?

Despite the possibility that the larger iMac may not make an appearance until 2022, the rumor mill is in full swing, giving us a decent idea of what to expect from the next-gen iMac.

  • New Apple silicon chip
  • Redesigned form factor
  • Larger display
  • Face ID for iMac

The above lists are some of the new things a lot of people are expecting from the new iMac. You can get more details here.


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