Apple’s latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Models Hit All-Time Lows but Only for Today

Apple’s latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models hit all-time lows but only for today. All the while this very offer and deal lasts, save up to $220 on the M2 MacBook Air and M2 MacBook Pro models.

Apple’s Latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Models

Apple’s Latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Models

If it is that you have been left full of regret after not getting yourself one of the many Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday laptop deals taking place over the previous week or so, then you are currently in luck. For only today, Best Buy is reportedly discounting the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models of Apple by as much as $220, thus dropping a host of models down to new all-time low prices. Deals kick off at just $899, and that said, a host of prices are being matched at Amazon, but you however, don’t have long in a bid to score the savings.

Deals Available In This Sale

And at the cheaper end of the sale, sits the entry-level 13.6-inch MacBook Air M2 which in question is $200 off at $899. This as you should know is the lowest that we have seen this machine go ever since its 2022 release and with that said, it is an ideal pickup for those that are in need of a portable and powerful machine for toting to and from school or even the office.

This very particular model in question has a 256GB SSD, although you can get to save as much as $220 on higher-spec variants. If it is that you are in need of a bigger screen, the 15-inch MacBook Air M2 on the other hand, which is released in June of this very year, is also included in the sale with prices kicking off at $1,099 which gives you a $200 saving.

Pro Offers Available In This Sale

On the pro-grade side of things, you should know that the just-released M3-powered MacBook Pro lineup in question is also steeply discounted. The 14-inch model with a beefy 1TB SSD is currently down to a new record-low of $1,599. That as you should know is $200 off the Apple Store price as well as the same price that the 512GB version goes for there, so you are effectively getting a storage upgrade all for free.

That being said, you can get the 512GB model at a $100 discount through Amazon if it is that you don’t need the extra space, reportedly dropping it down to $1,499.



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