Apple Watch Setup: Setting up your Apple Watch is Not Difficult

The topic of Apple Watch Setup has always been skipped by users. But a fact is not 100% of those users still know how to set up their device.

Apple Watch Setup

Apple Watch Setup is always needed even if you just received the recently released Apple Watch or you want to set up an old one for another device.

Users ought to set up their device before you’ll be able to start chatting with Siri and getting Twitter notifications on their wrist. If you desire to know more about the Apple Watch Setup, then ensure to read this article carefully.

Apple Watch Setup

Fortunately, the Apple Watch setup could be a painless process. But you’ll want to set aside some minutes with a completely charged iPhone before you start.

Ensure your devices are also close to each other, as it makes syncing easier and faster. Also, if you want all of the latest features of your Apple Watch, be sure to have updated both of your iOS devices to the latest version.

Setup Apple Watch

Assuming your Watch is already on and charged, move ahead and open up the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. If you already deleted it, download it again from the App Store.

You’ll need an iPhone running iOS 14, or the most recently released iOS version. Ensure you’ve got Bluetooth and Wi-Fi toggled on as well.

Select Start Pairing on the Watch, then direct your iPhone’s camera at the beautiful blue pattern that has appeared on the Watch’s face. They’re now bonded.

You can also get this done manually, by tapping the “i” icon on your Watch. And type the six-digit code that pops up into your iPhone.

Dial in Those Settings

Now that smartwatch and smartphone are close to each other, tap setup as New Apple Watch on your iPhone. Unless it is your second or third Apple Watch, in which case you are required to select Restore from Backup.

Then choose whether you’ll be wearing the Watch on your right or left wrist. And comply with the terms and conditions.

Next, enter your Apple ID and password. Then decide whether you would like to enable Location Services (yes), Siri (sure), and Diagnostics (meh?).

Note that your iPhone and Watch will mirror both with these settings. Meaning whatever you change on one device, will reflect on the other. You’ll then be given the choice to generate a passcode.

Add Some Apps

It’s time for apps. You’ll either click Install All to load any app on your phone that has Watch capabilities. Otherwise, you can go with Choose Later to winnow the sector down to your chosen few.

From there you only need to wait for your iPhone and Watch to sync, which may take a good long while. Once they’re all synced up, you should go ahead and adjust a little bit around the settings.

The Activity app, which is the one that tracks your movement throughout the day. It also tells you to stand up once in a while.

The Sounds & Haptics settings dictate how loud and long the Watch tries to get your attention. And Glances which give bite-sized info from swipe to swipe.

If your model of Apple Watch has the ability to take an electrocardiogram reading, definitely go into the Health app and set up the ECG app.


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