Apple ProRaw – Features of the Apple ProRaw – How to Activate Apple ProRaw

The Apple ProRaw is the latest iPhone 12 camera feature. This new format, which is accessible now on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Promises to supply photographers the dream combo of computational photography smarts and also the flexibility of raw editing. Here is more about the Apple ProRaw camera feature.

Apple ProRaw

Apple ProRaw

But what does that mean, and the way will it add practice? Here’s what we learned from Apple’s Senior Manager of Camera Software Engineering about Apple ProRaw and the way it would help take your iPhone photo editing to the subsequent level.

Before activating this feature, you will have to make sure your device is updated to the latest iOS 14.3.

How to Activate Apple ProRaw

Apple ProRaw is now available for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max as a part of iOS 14.3. the primary step is to create sure you’re updated to its version of iOS. Here is how to update your iOS version:

  • Get your device connected to a WIFI.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Then select General.
  • Tap on Software Update.
  • You will see the version 14.3 version details and storage space.
  • Tap on Download and Install.
  • The update will be downloaded over the connected WIFI.
  • And then you can tap on Install.

This will automatically begin to install the latest downloaded update. And your device will be updated as a version 14.3 iOS device.

All done? you must now have the choice to show on Apple ProRaw in your camera settings. 

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll to the apps section and tap on Camera.
  • Tap on Formats.
  • Then turn on Apple ProRaw.

And you have successfully activated the new camera feature on your device. Fortunately, turning on ProRaw using the strategy above doesn’t leave it on permanently. 

For a start, to require a ProRaw photo you will need to tap the RAW icon (which is crossed out by default) within the camera app. When this can be turned off, your iPhone will default to the format in your ‘camera capture’ settings (either HEIF or JPEG).

Also, if you would like to possess ProRaw turned on all the time, you will need to try and do that in your preserved settings (Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings). Except for most of the people, Apple ProRaw is best saved for saved surely situations – as an example, at midnight or in contrasty situations with bright sunlight and dark shadows. Here’s why.

Features of the Apple ProRaw

With a raw photo, you’ll completely change the photo’s white balance, exposure, tones, and color after the very fact, and without degrading the image quality.

In this sense, they’re the other of JPEG and HEIF files, which are the ready-processed, microwave meals of photo formats. They’re fast and convenient, but also discard important photographic goodness. That you simply cannot recover after you’ve hit the shutter.

For beginners, shooting in raw can sometimes be unsatisfying, because the results often look underwhelming compared to a processed shot. And, until now, shooting in raw has also meant keen photographers have ignored a number of the clever multi-frame processing from Apple’s Deep Fusion tech.

This camera feature shooting and editing are additionally available in third-party apps. The camera app Halide, for instance, has added some additional ProRaw-shooting options, like ProRaw+, which supplies you the choice of picking a lower bit-depth for a 50% smaller file size.


In this sense, then, Apple ProRaw won’t be a raw format killer, more just another handy tool within the mobile photographer’s growing arsenal. Many experienced shooters will still prefer standard raw because it gives you an editing ‘blank’ canvas to figure with; in other words, no artistic decisions are made for you.

The simplicity of compressed formats like JPEG and HEIF will still remain popular, too. These are universal file formats that do not take up much cupboard space and may be viewed and shared anywhere. 

Like raw, ProRaw files have to be processed before they’ll be shared on places like social media, which some might see as an excessive amount of hassle.

Still, while adoption will definitely be slow, to begin with, you’ll expect to determine Apple ProRaw start as more iPhone photographers start to work out the advantages that appear in their Instagram feeds.

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