Apple Music Replay – Apple Music Replay Availability

The Apple Music Replay has made its Replay 2021 playlist available for users. The feature tracks all of the music a user has been taking note of throughout the year and allows them to revisit their most-listened tracks at any point.

Apple Music Replay

The playlist is finalized at the top of the year and forms a part of the Apple Music Replay end-of-year-round-up. If you haven’t heard about its feature, then don’t miss out on this chance. Read more on this article to get a clue on what it is about.

Apple Music Replay

Apple Music may be a music streaming service like Spotify or Deezer that provides users access to a library of 70 million songs. And maybe used on smartphones, computers, smart TVs, and smart speakers, among other devices.

Cost of Apple Music Replay

Access costs $9.99, but there is a cheaper $4.99 rate for college kids and a $14.99 rate for families that provides access for up to 6 people.

Apple Music Replay 2020

The Music Replay playlist was introduced in 2019 and differs from Spotify’s annual ‘Your Top Songs’ playlists. Such that it is updated throughout the year instead of provided at the end.

How to Use Apple Music Replay

Apple Music users can access their playlist via the mobile app or online by navigating to the ‘Listen Now’ section. On this page, they’ll find the playlist with the 100 songs they’ve listened to mostly ranked in order.

As MacRumors explains, the online version provides some additional bits of information like most streamed artists and albums, play counts, and hours listened. But it advises that some 2020 data still remains and it will continue to display for some time.

Apple Music Replay Availability

Although Apple Music Replay wasn’t introduced until 2019. It’s actually possible for users to concentrate on their finalized annual playlists going back to 2015.

The older playlists are often found within the same section. And added as playlists within the Apple Music menu bar in a straightforward process.

As mentioned, a user’s listening data also goes toward their Music Replay end-of-year wrap-up. Like Spotify Wrapped and YouTube Music’s ‘Your 2020 Music Journey.’ That presents back a user’s listening habits with various stats and figures at the top of every year.

Spotify’s personalized end-of-year wrap-up for every user remains the simplest of the bunch. But Apple has made good strides with its own. And users can expect the competition to be closer again towards the end of 2021.

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