Apple Adds New Streaming Device Categories To HomeKit In iOS 14

Did you notice that ‘apple adds new streaming device categories to HomeKit in iOS 14’? It is no longer surprising that the much-anticipated iOS 14 has been launched. The much waited OS version debuted earlier this week, a day after the parent company, apple September product showcase. With the launch of iOS 14, came an array of new features and tricks. Everyone is excited about the development and can’t just wait to get their hands on the new update so as to get access to the new features. However, it has been reported that Apple has added some new streaming device functionalities for its HomeKit app.

Apple Adds New Streaming Device Categories To HomeKit In iOS 14

Apple Adds New Streaming Device Categories To HomeKit In iOS 14

The famous online platform, Appleinsider, reported earlier that two new categories have been added to apples HomeKit. One of the two new categories is for set-top boxes whole the other one is for streaming sticks. Well, how true is this? Has there been any news or statement from Apple regarding this development? If you would love to find out, then continue reading. The iOS 14 update has just been released to the general public and with it comes lots of changes and never before seen changes. One of the notable changes is the updates to the HomeKit. Which includes a refined interface in the control center that will enable users to get unrestricted access to frequently used accessories and many more.

Apple already has its very own set-top device line in the apple tv product. But one thing that everyone knows for sure is that there is no in-house streaming stick that is for sale to compete with the like of Roku, Hulu, Amazon, and others. With this development, users are optimistic that Apple could enter into the market and create something of its own. But another likely scenario that is also possible is that Apple is making room for more integration with third-party manufacturers. Of course, the company is already doing this with other categories that can be found in the HomeKit ecosystem as it already supports a number of smart TVs such as the likes of LG, Samsung, and Sony.

What Apple Has To Say About The Inclusion Of The New Streaming Device Categories To HomeKit In iOS 14

As of yet, Apple has not made any official comment on the new HomeKit categories. Also on the other hand. Nothing has been heard from any manufacturers developing such devices in the industry according to AppleInsider. If this is successful, third party HomeKit set-top boxes or streaming devices will work in a similar fashion as televisions. They can be seen on the home app. And they can also allow you to navigate and control the said device via the home app or Siri. Do you know what could also allow for television control? Well the right interaction with a compatible streamer box hardware support and a television set with HDMI CEC would allow for television control.


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