Apple 2021 Spring Event – What to Expect at the Apple Spring Event 2021

A lot of Apple 2021 spring events happen like clockwork – Am talking about the WWDC and new iPhone launches, but others are more variable, and the apple spring event would land in the latter category. Most of the time, Apple often but not always holds a spring event of some kind in March, and the exact timing of the event, along with the announcement types made, vary yearly.

As of now, they are not even certain that there would be an apple spring event 2021, let alone what we would see there, but there happen to be some rumors that include a potential date. You would find out that below, along with the overview of the sorts of things that might be announced.

Details of Apple 2021 Spring Event

The Apple Spring event that is suspected to hold in 2021 is detailed as follows:

  • What is it? it is an event where iPhone fans and every other person would see new iPads and other devices
  • When is it? Probably march, possibly march 16

Apple Spring Event 2021

That’s spring in the northern hemisphere where Apple’s HQ is based – this year would almost certainly take place in March, as that’s the typical month for it. The exact time within the month can vary, but rumors suggest the Apple spring event 2021 is expected to take place in March 16.

Back in October. It’s is worth noting however that he said the Airpods studio that would be unveiled here, and they have since landed as the AirPods Max, so this claim happens to be half wrong. That said, in more recent tweets he seems to be standing by the date, if not the announcement of the product.

March 16 also happens to be a date that has recently been put forward by the two twitter leakers who do not possess much of a track record, as spotted by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News. Given their lack of a track record though we would take that with a much serious helping of salt, most especially as a Joe Rossignol (the editor of MacRumors) stated that it is just guesswork, and Mark Gurman (a source that does not have a good track record) has stated that there would not be an event in March 16.

That date looks a lot shaky at best, but it happens to be the only one we are in possession of for now, and if not March 16 it’s not so clear whether the event will happen on another date or not at all.

What to Expect at the Apple Spring Event 2021

What we do not know is What we would find at the Apple spring event 2021. We have a good idea of what would be present, with the following things being the most likely.

  • iPad Pro (2021)
  • Apple AirTags
  • iPad mini 6
  • Apple AirPods 3

Other Potential Devices

The Products stated above are expected to most likely appear in the 2021 Apple spring event and indeed Prosser has stated specifically that he only heard that there would be iPads and Airtags. So the Airpod 3 might not be present.

We might even see a new iMac or MacBook for example or even a new Apple TV. Other Airpods models (that includes Airpods Pro 2 or AirPods lite) also stand a chance to be a possibility, as is a new iPad (2021) and even the iPhone SE 3 – even though most of the sources are stating that it would be released in April.

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