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If you have an AOL mail account, then you can make use of the AOL Mail Login Site. Logging in to your email account with the platform is simple and fast.  AOL mail is among one of the email services that give you a personalized.

Signing up for a new account is equally easy and free, and the login site can also be used to create a new account. I believe you clicked on this post to find out to log in to your account. So just pay attention and read on.

AOL Mail Login Site

AOL Mail Login Site

AOL Mail Login Site is the website homepage to sign in to your account on the platform. As I said earlier, the process is simple and free. Aside from using the login site, the mobile application can still be used.

AOL Mail is a web-based email service that is provided by AOL and owned by Verizon Communications. It is considered as one of the pioneers of webmail, and also very popular. The service has a mobile application that is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices.

AOL Mail Create Account

Creating an account is very simple and free. If you wish to create an account, you need to visit the website. The process is simple and free, follow the instructions below;

  • Open your web browser and input
  • From there, hit on “Create an Account”.
  • Type in your first name and last name.
  • Then select the email address you wish to use and create a password.
  • Fill in your mobile phone number.
  • Indicate your birthday (Month, Day and Year).
  • And select your Gender (it is optional). Hit on “Continue”.
  • Fill in your postcode or ZIP Code.
  • Select a security question and provide the answer to it.
  • Provide an alternative email to help keep the account secure.
  • Hit on “Sign Up”.

Once you hit on “Sign Up” the new email account would be created immediately and you can start using it. If you wish to log in, you can simply download the application on your device or use the web browser.

AOL Mail Login

Once you‘ve registered for an account, logging in to the account won’t be a problem because the process is very simple. The process is very simple and can be done by following the steps below;

  • Open your browser and input the URL of the login site at
  • Type in your email or username, and hit on “ext”.
  • Type in your password and hit on the “Sign In” button.

If the details provided on the form are correct, the account would be loaded on the device.

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AOL Mail App

Like I said the AOL mail app is the mobile version of the website. It offers better and faster navigation methods for users. Also, it is compatible with any device type and the app is free for download. It can be used to create or log in to your account on the platform. Here’s what you can do with the app;

  • Read or watch the latest news around politics, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, weather, etc.
  • You get to manage your email from anywhere.
  • It offers fast-loading email.
  • Check up the weather in your area or location with just a single tap.
  • You can watch or stream video clips by choosing from different topics as you like.

Now you have a brief explanation of the app, let’s look at how to download the app.

AOL Mail App Download

Downloading the app is simple free on the App Store of the device that you’re using. If you wish to install the app, follow the simple steps below;

  • Open the App Store on your device and input AOL MAIL on the search and box and search.
  • The search result would be loaded showing similar terms to the word.
  • Tap on the first one of the list to load its information page.
  • Hit on “Get” or “Install” to commence the process.

Immediately the app would be downloaded or installed into your device. If you have an account, you can simply sign in or create a new one using the application.


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