Android News Aggregator Apps – Best Android News Aggregator Apps

The Android News Aggregator Apps are those apps that assemble various contents from different news sources. And displays in one section for your easy and cozy access.

Android News Aggregator Apps

Currently at this present-day peoples are becoming very busy, thus don’t have ample time for collecting news of their interest. Although there are certain apps that can do this job for you, spotting the right one isn’t easy.

Android News Aggregator Apps

If you wish to get the best Android News Aggregator Apps for your device that has some unique traits then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re trying to find the best News Aggregator Apps which can bring the newest and relevant news for you, then this article will assist you a lot in this regard. Here I will discuss some of the best news aggregator apps for Android which will keep you informed and convey the world in your palms.

Best Android News Aggregator Apps

Here are some of the top picks on the best Android News Aggregator Apps:

Google News

This is one of the best Android News Aggregator Apps for Android within the marketplace. This sophisticated app will provide you a positive experience. And you’ll get most types of news across the world.

It also makes sure you get the news from trusted sources. So, get the newest and top stories of the day on your mobile devices from now.

Important Features:

  • It provides the newest news that’s occurring around the world.
  • You can get the story to follow up and dig deeper from different sources.
  • Get your favorite journals and news events quickly.
  • You can download some publications if you would like to read those later.
  • Enjoy its built-in recommendation system for better exposure.
  • Get the local news and important events of your interest daily.

And a lot more.


This is a fascinating news app. Its stylish presentation will mesmerize you. Its aesthetic interface provides you with various news articles, videos, and sliders. Users will get the updated news from renowned newspapers and magazines here. And you’ll be able to customize the smart magazines and also your home feed for a classy experience.

Important Features:

It offers:

  • The newest and top story news feeds daily.
  • Enjoy the updated news from famous newspapers like National Geographic, The NY Times, Vanity, and lot more.
  • Compare up to 9 of your favorite smart magazines and acquire quick access to your personalized news.
  • It offers numerous particular segments like business, sports, politics, news lifestyle, entertainment, and lot more.
  • Enjoy the daily trending events, latest headlines, and relevant stories with follow-ups.
  • You can collect and add few story themes and add them to your magazines for a personalized view.

And many other amazing features.

AP News

If you would like an effective Android News Aggregator Apps for your device which can provide you the breaking news immediately, AP News is just the right app for you.

They accumulate and publish all the newest stories and breaking news for you. It intuitively presents the news. Users will continuously get the refreshed content, which can always keep you updated.

Important Features:

The features include:

  • Get the newest news and enjoy an improved and faster browsing experience.
  • It brings you the breaking news from various associated press and native sources.
  • This news app will get real-time news here.
  • It is available in Spanish and English.
  • Enjoy its large news outlets.
  • It is user-friendly; it’s some beautiful photo galleries too.

BBC News App

BBC may be a traditional, trustworthy, and also the oldest Android news aggregator app. Users can get engaged with all the news articles it provides because it knows the way to attract the user.

Enjoy the TV-like experience because it allows for live streaming news. This app will send you a notification if you would like, thus get the breaking news promptly.

Important Features:

They include:

  • Get top trending news and the latest stories from its global network journalist.
  • You can personalize your favorite interface and news offerings.
  • Enjoy the live World Service BBC Radio seamlessly.
  • It offers you full access to its photo galleries, audios, and videos.
  • Get the follow-up news from the feature tab.

You can use email or social media and share stories.

CNN News

This is one of the pioneer news aggregator apps within the world. Users can view its content from anyplace across the world. It offers a contracted version of the leading website for mobile phone users.

You will get a diversity of contents and few original CNN contents too. It also provides breaking stories and video streaming options for interested users.

Important Features:

They include:

  • Get the notification alert and find what’s happening around the world immediately.
  • Enjoy the breaking news and story follow-up.
  • Get photo galleries, news clips, and top-rated story updates.
  • Enjoy the first series of CNN, the regular news programs, and also the award-winning films.

You will get numerous videos on demand and can also enjoy live TV.

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