Android 12 – Android 12 Availability and what to Expect

The latest Android 12 features are starting to leak while users are still waiting for Android 11 to be made available on their phones. From what has been heard, the Android 12 will be loaded with lots of cool and useful features.

Android 12

Though there has been no leaked date for the Android 12, should be expected soon before the 2021 year-end. In this article, I have brought to notice all the leaked rumors about the latest Android version.

Read more on this article to get the features, beta, and other rumors known about it.

Android 12

We’re now in 2021, and before you recognize it, Android users will be all about the initial developer preview of Android 12. Details on this update are still few, but however, that’s not getting to stop us from speculating about it.

From rumored features, interface changes, availability, and more. Here is everything we all know thus far about Android 12.

Android 12 Availability

While the timing of Android version releases has changed over the years, the past few are pretty consistent. Here are the dates for the last four releases:

Android 8.0 — August 21st, 2017

Android 9 — August 6th, 2018

The Android 10 — September 3rd, 2019

Android 11 — September 8th, 2020

With the order of updates released, it is assumed that the general public build of Android 12 will be released in either August or September 2021.

Android 12 Beta

Before we will even believe a public launch, however, we’d like to speak about beta availability. Developer previews and public betas are an enormous factor for any Android update. And once more, with Android 12, that will not be changing.

Android 12 Features

It’s one thing to speak about when the latest Android update is going to be released. But it is a lot more fun discussing what potential features we may even get from the updates.

It appears that Google is prepping a Pixel-specific Android 12 feature that might allow you to double-tap the rear of its phones to perform certain actions. Alongside acting as another shortcut for opening Google Assistant. The double-tap could even be wont to snooze alarms, take a screenshot, etc.

As for more general features that are not exclusive to Pixel phones, we’ll need to wait and see what we get. It is likely for Google to add even more controls/settings for app permissions.

More fine-tuning to notifications wouldn’t be a surprise, and there are sure to be plenty of tweaks behind-the-scenes. That allows the simplest Android phones to be even better.

Android 12 Interface

We haven’t seen a serious redesign for Android since the shift from Holo to Material Design back in 2014. There are many smaller changes and tweaks since then, with the “Google Material Theme” era.

We are currently only being an evolution of what Material Design introduced. Some people may believe that it is time for an additional major design shift.

The present design language looks good, doesn’t have any functional downfalls. And it is acceptable for the mature OS that Android currently is.

It’s possible we will see some updates to Pixel Launcher and other UI elements of Pixel mobile specifically. But that’ll likely be the extent of any design changes. Especially with Samsung charting its own path with One UI and OnePlus touting its own design with OxygenOS.

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