Android 11 Update on LG Velvet 4G and New features

Android 11 Update on LG Velvet 4G – The LG Velvet 4G finally receives the Android 11 updated on their device. With LG’s previous withdrawal from the Market of Smartphones, there have been certain questions concerning the company’s ability to offer support to the phones that it has released already.

Android 11 Update on LG Velvet 4G

LG has of course promised to indeed continue with the update at least for some of their smartphones, but that is yet to be seen. As it takes away all those doubts, LG has finally decided to launch the LG UX 10 with Android 11 update for the LTE-only version of the LG velvet, almost half a year after the LG Velvet 5G go it.

Android 11 Update on LG Velvet 4G

The LG Velvet 4G was an oddity itself to start with. Barely two months right after the original LG Velvet was announced. The Company launched a variant that made use of a non-5G Snapdragon 856 processor in exchange for a lower price point. However, this LTE-only Model was made available in tons of Markets, and they still got the Android 11 update much later.

The LG Velvet 5G received a UX 10 update in South Korea at the beginning of the year, Followed by the US version in April. Now the LG Velvet 4G would be able to get the same update in South Korea, long after its sibling. When it arrives in other markets where that same smartphone is sold is anyone’s guess at the point in time.

LG Velvet 4G Updates and New features

As one of the major updates, LG UX 10 with Android 11 brings tons of changes right under the hood and user interface. The Android 11 itself comes with tons of interesting features like chat bubbles and notification history. But the update also adds the LG own feature exclusive to the phone. Of note are the quick view and the Night-Time Lapse features of the smartphone camera app. And its interesting ability to be able to scan QR codes.

On the other hand, LG’s track record does not make this update very surprising. But on another hand, it places a shadow of doubt right over the ability for it to proceed with supporting current phones. Most especially now that it barely has anybody working on them.


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