Amazon Prime Watch Party – How to Host an Amazon Prime Watch Party

This article will tell and teach you on How to host an Amazon Prime Watch Party. So, you will be able to throw a synchronized movie night with up to 100 people from different places.

Amazon Prime Watch Party

Watching a similar show as friends when you’re in several places isn’t a new concept. Who remembers holding the phone to your ear and talking during commercial breaks? Read more on this article to learn about the Amazon Prime Watch Party.

Amazon Prime Watch Party

Many streaming services are now offering the choice to host movie nights in a simpler way. Rather than everyone wanting to hit Play at the precise same moment, you’ll be able to now stream a movie from one account.

Before we get to learn how to use the Watch Party, you should get to know what it is about.

What Is a Watch Party?

A watch party is an option many subscription services are offering. This process enables one account to “host” a movie night by streaming a video and letting others with the link also view it.

It simplifies the watching together process greatly, ensuring everyone has the proper movie at the right time. And it does not require a mass-synchronization of the precise start time.

It also keeps participants from all having to shop for or rent a movie from that service, leaving that to the host. During the pandemic, especially, everyone has been trying to find ways to connect with loved ones from afar. And this is a good way to connect with others in a movie-watching method.

Requirements for an Amazon Watch Party

All Amazon watch party participants must:

  • Have an active Amazon Prime membership.
  • You must Be connected to the internet.
  • Be on a desktop device, not a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad.
  • Be on either Chrome or Firefox. Safari and Edge don’t yet have this feature.

With all these in your possession, you are ready to access the Amazon Prime Watch Party.

How to Host an Amazon Prime Watch Party

Here is how you can host a Watch Party on Amazon Prime:

  • Open Amazon Prime Video on your desktop device.
  • Find what you would like to watch, and buy or rent it if necessary.
  • On the page, select Watch Party. If it’s a show and not a movie, you’ll find this on the title page for individual episodes.
  • Pick the name for the chat channel you and your guests can use throughout the party.
  • Click Create Watch Party.

Share the Watch link with your guests. You can share and invite up to 100 people.

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