Amazon Prime Day 2021: What to expect from Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021

The Amazon Prime Day 2021 will occur in the second quarter of this year. From announcements been made by Amazon staff, the event may occur in June.

Amazon Prime Day 2021

That’s why we’re showing you everything you’ll expect from this year’s Amazon Prime Day deals. The annual 48-hour sale offers up Prime Day deals that appear to be bigger and better each year.

Amazon Prime Day 2021

While last year’s event was delayed to October after the world pandemic, the retailer still saw a 45.2% increase in global sales compared to 2019.

This means a record-breaking $10.4 billion worth of products were bought at Amazon during the two-day sale. Consistent with Digital Commerce 360 data. And that we fully expect the retailer to go all-out again for Amazon Prime Day 2021.

You’ll either need an Amazon Prime membership to be part of the Amazon Prime Day 2021 event. Or to register for a free 30-day trial of Prime.

But you don’t have to wait for a prime Day deal to save lots of money at Amazon. There are many discounts each day on everything from laptops and TVs to cordless vacuums, clothing, and kitchen appliances.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

Amazon has now confirmed that the Prime Day 2021 date will fall definitely in June. This comes after speculation earlier within the month that Amazon Prime Day deals will land around the middle or end of June.

After internal and external sources spoke of earlier start date to the current year’s proceedings. Amazon hasn’t announced the precise date of Prime Day 2021 yet.

The retailer tends to keep this information tightly within itself until just a couple of weeks before the event. However, you can stay up to date just by saying ‘Alexa, keep me posted on Prime Day.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is fast becoming one of the largest sales events of the year. The annual savings event offers up 48 hours of discounts on everything from the most recent tech to homeware, fashion, care, and garden furniture.

However, these Prime Day deals are reserved for Prime members so you will need to grab a prime free trial before things start off.

What happened on Prime Day Last Year?

Last year, Prime Day was delayed until October 13-14, in an unprecedented move for the sixth annual shopping event. Despite concerns around stock and shipping during the pandemic, Prime Day was even bigger than the year before.

With an additional $3.24bn-worth of products sold globally. Some $10.4 billion worth of products were sold in total.

What to expect from Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021

Amazon Prime Day deals are a bit easier to predict than other major sales events. For starters, we will safely assume that there’ll be some excellent prices on the newest Echo devices.

These devices are the Fire tablets and other Amazon-owned brands like Ring, Blink, and Eufy. However, apart from these smart home devices, there’s likely to be plenty more of the year’s top tech on sale also.

If you’re in search of a new display, Prime Day TV deals are some of the more competitive in its store so you will need to get in fast.

Indeed, we saw many of the best Prime Day deals run out of stock here last year. But we expect the Fire-enabled models and cheaper TLC and Hisense screens on a comeback in 2021.

Apple was a very strong category for Amazon Prime Day last year. And we’re expecting to get more of this similar in 2021.

While the new 8th generation iPad, iPad Air 4, and M1 MacBooks were still in their infancy last year. We’ve already seen lower prices than those offered by Prime Day last year.

However, so expect some excellent deals from this arena and potentially some even better iPad Pro offers also. The best method to predict the best deals on Amazon Prime Day 2021 is to have a look at the previous year’s offerings.


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