Amazon Kindle Color – Release Date and Price

All thanks to E ink, who happens to be the current manufacturer of Kindle Current displays, we could soon see an Amazon eReader with a color ink Screen.

Amazon Kindle Color

Amazon Kindle Color

A color E ink Screen is exactly what it sounds like, a full-color version of the screens Amazon’s Kindles makes use of to create book-lie visuals on their displays. This would offer them some major upgrades to the ereader line, and chief among them would be that the Amazon Kindle become one of the best ways for you to read digital comic books.

Amazon is yet to give an official announcement concerning a Kindle Color but we are expecting that we would see one that is not too distant future. Below would be stating all the information we have on the Color Kindle.

Release Date

Following E ink’s announcement that they would be making a new color panel – that uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and white ink like a printer to create a non-monochrome image – a lot of people have been asking when the kindle will receive an upgrade.

This is not its very first screen to make use of color, but E Ink Explained that it is much more responsive to touch controls, offer a higher resolution, and updates more quickly compared to the previous versions.

Another reason why a lot of people believe that a Kindle with color is coming soon is that amazon purchases and integration with ComiXology. While you can read comic books on the current monochrome kindles, and Amazon’s Fire HD tablets neither experience is optimal.

The Monochrome ink does not carry out the amazing artwork justice, and the tablet screens cannot be as satisfying to read from as you think. Especially if you are outside or you are trying to wind down for bed.

With the improvement in quality and usability, it is about time we get a kindle with color ink, but the question here is when would that happen.

We should be expecting to see a Kindle launch at its earliest in 2023, but just keep your eyes out for any leaks or rumors that says otherwise.


At the moment, we cannot give for certain how much the Kindle color would cost, especially as it has not been announced yet – but we should expect it to be more than just one of Amazon’s typical ereaders.

Those that were searching for the kindle Oasis (2019) with 32GB memory and free 4G for downloading books on the go (In Select Markets) dropped $349.99 / £319.99 / AU$559 when it launched to get their hands on one. We would not be surprised if a Kindle color cost at least as much as this – with Amazon justifying its high cost with the impressive new color screen.

Preferably, a Kindle Color is expected to sit somewhere between this and the Kindle Paperwhite; at launch, the 8GB model is expected to cost $129.99 / £119.99 / AU$199. Somewhere around $200 would be more than ideal – and very possible if Amazon releases a more premium full-color Amazon Oasis ahead of a more traditional style Kindle with color. Well, we would have to wait and see the next announcement or rumors on the upcoming kindle color.


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