Amazon Echo Show 10: Specs, Features, Videos, Audio And Many More

The Amazon Echo Show 10 is Amazon’s sixth smart display, as well as the priciest. This tech comes with a cost of $250/£240, which is also AU$430 converted.

The Echo Show 10 is the first smart display to feature an inbuilt motor and camera. This helps track around the room to keep users in the frame during chat.

It can also help keep streaming media in users’ field of view. As an Amazon lover, you should consider getting more information about this Amazon Echo Show 10, so read on.

Amazon Echo Show 10

The Echo Show 10 is almost like the front of a second-gen Echo Show. It weighs 5.6 pounds with a5-foot cord which makes it portable.

The base section of the device is covered with the speaker fabric available in charcoal or glacier white.

Users will need a 360-degree obstacle space free for this device. It is a round shape device with a 6.7-inch depth that makes it beautiful.


It features a 10.1-inch display, 13-megapixel front camera, and a dual front-firing tweeter. Also features a woofer for the audio sound you need.


This is the first Amazon smart display to feature a new AZ1 Neural Edge processor. It moves similar to your movement in the room, combining sound localization and computer vision.

Once a target is identified, the brushless motor will kick in keeping the screen to face it no matter where it moves to.

With the addition of a motorized base, the Amazon Echo Show 10 features a 360-degree panning advantage.

Users can restrict the motion to “during all activities” just like calling, watching videos, etc. With this option selected, this device will track you for music playback, asking you a question with Alexa.

Audio, Video and more

The device comes with an adaptive brightness and color. This feature is highly expected and praised by users on the Nest Hub Max which makes photo slideshows feel more refined.

Amazon Echo Show 10 gives out plenty of sound at a maximum volume with little or no disturbance. Half a percentage of this sound given makes it comfortable and 100% was nearly unbearable loud at a close range.

This device features an inbuilt Zigbee hub for the simple setup of other smart products. It also features an occupancy-and vacancy-based routine that allows users to customize a movement routine.

With a quality video output, it can be used as a smart home camera. By enabling a Home Monitoring in the display setting, anyone in the house can view the live feed from the Alexa app.

Additionally, it supports group calling for up to seven users. Users can as well use Amazon’s Drop-In calling feature to observe smart displays remotely.


The Amazon Echo Show 10 is just at the top of its class. While it is the priciest smart display, it is also known to be the most capable.

It is packed with a lot of amazing smart features providing more to its services. Amazon made it more compatible by adding a motion to camera-equipped smart displays.

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