Always-on Display Arrives on OnePlus Watch Latest Update – OnePlus Smartwatch

Now, the Always-on Display finally arrives on the OnePlus Watch in their latest update. Although it was not their first wearable, the OnePlus’ first Smartwatch wasn’t as warmly received as its, smart fitness band. Perhaps it was partly based on the fact that it fans had high expectations for the wearable the was supposed to launch half a decade ago.

Always-on Display Arrives on OnePlus Watch Latest Update

While the OnePlus Watch has been panned for its lackluster experience, the bright side remains that the company is quick to bring out updates. The latest, as a matter of fact, remains to bring one much-requested feature that places it on a par with some of the most smartwatches, but the battery life cost.

Always-on Display Arrives on OnePlus Watch Latest Update

Ever since, some debate on whether the smartwatches should always display time even when you are not staring at it, was on. On the one hand, it is expected to emulate the behavior of normal watches and keeps the information ready at all times. On the other hand, there is not going around its negative impact on the life of their battery.

Just like one of its smartphones, OnePlus happens to have been against the Always-on display or AOD that is exactly because of that reason. While most of the manufacturers at least gave the users the choice, and it was not until the OnePlus community voted for it that the company eventually relented. Fortunately, it did not take very long to do the same for the OnePlus Watch.

OnePlus Watch Latest Update

This Latest Update that is brought to the smartwatch comes with the AOD feature but comes with one of the important footnotes. The OnePlus warns that by enabling it would lead to its battery life that is being slashed by half, further turning two weeks of use into just one. With that stated, that still a lot when you compare it to other smartwatches, just like those that are running on the Wear OS created by Google.

This update also included remote Camera Control for your phones and a marathon workout tracker. These just happen to be the little bits that slowly push the OnePlus Watch forward hopefully before it becomes too late for you to make a difference.


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