Alternatives to Facebook: Other Alternative Facebook Alternatives

These social media Alternatives to Facebook are worth users’ time. This article covers a range of solid Alternatives to Facebook worth trying for those thinking of moving to another social network due to privacy and security concerns or a necessity to do something new and exciting.

Alternatives to Facebook

We’ve found some of the best Facebook alternatives showing there’s much social media fish left within the internet sea.

Alternatives to Facebook

These few days, there is a lot of rumors spreading about Facebook monitoring user’s information and data. That might be a reason some users might want to change a communication platform. If you are in this case, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Other than Facebook, there are other alternatives to Facebook that will keep you communicating with friends and family worldwide. This article contains some of the very best selected Alternatives to Facebook for you to try out.

Facebook Alternatives

Here are some of the best choice for users to check out if you feel wanting to leave the Facebook platform:


Minds launched in 2015 in direct response to the growing concern around Facebook and also the amount of information it had been collecting on its users. The platform boasts itself on prioritizing users’ privacy and security. And unlike Facebook, it doesn’t collect user activity information to make an algorithmic activity feed at all.

The Minds network is accessible via the web and smartphone app, available on both iOS and Android devices. It works very much like Facebook regarding its user profiles, feeds, posts, sharing, and groups. Subscribers can use the cryptocurrency, the Minds token, to market posts on the network or exchanged for other crypto and cash.


This is a terrific alternative to Facebook that’s worth finding out. This social network is an app-only service, but the app is beautifully designed and simple to use.

One of the major appeals of Vero is its chronological timeline which shows all of your feed’s posts so as of once they were published. Just as Facebook used to do back in the day. Vero’s also attracted many celebrities. And this provides the experience a touch of a premium vibe and makes it feel more legitimate than a number of the other alternate social media platforms.


It was the topic of the town when it launched in 2014 among one of the initial serious competitors to the Facebook social network. Rather than asking users to create posts about their day and other interests, this platform encourages its user to share their latest paintings, films, drawings, and photography. And at the same time connecting with other users in their area for life events. Ello may be a social network with a focus that will appeal to those curious about such creative topics.


Quit Facebook and searching for a different social network with a robust news focus? You actually can’t beat Twitter, which has an overflow of 300 million monthly active users tweeting about the newest happenings worldwide.

News stories nearly always break on Twitter before Facebook and other sites. Plus, this social network also provides users with the rare opportunity to interact with editors and journalists directly based on the high number of media personnel using the service. Twitter might not be great for catching up with relations, but when it involves staying up-to-date on the news, it really can’t be topped.


If you’re dropping Facebook as a part of a concept to downsize the number of apps installed on your phone or to cut back the number of websites you visit per day, switching over to Instagram full-time isn’t a foul idea.

The overwhelming majority of your Facebook friends will likely already get on Instagram. Its main part is that most Instagram users keep discussions about politics, world news, and religion to a minimum. Win-win.

However, if you’re leaving Facebook out of concerns for your privacy and private data, Instagram isn’t for you. It’s now considerably linked to Facebook, and any problems you had with data collection on Facebook will apply to Instagram also.


Telegram is one of the fastest-growing messaging apps and boasts over 500 million active users as of January 2021. And one of the major reasons for this increase in popularity is its focus on privacy.

Telegram features all of the most communication features of Facebook’s DM service, like text chats, voice calls, fun stickers (up users can make Telegram stickers), and media attachments. It also supports group calls with support for many listeners, groups, and public channels that you simply can post just like you would on a Facebook profile.


You’ve likely heard LinkedIn remarked as a reliable website for job seekers and recruiters. It’s also evolved into a solid social network in recent years with a renewed target on its activity feed, the introduction of multimedia posts, and even stories.

While LinkedIn isn’t exactly a superb alternative to Facebook for people that want to talk about family gossip. It’s an excellent social network for users who wish to post and browse about companies, finance, land, and other more professional topics. It’s also a superb replacement for people who used the Facebook Marketplace to look for or post job openings.

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