Agritech – The Latest in Farm Robotics and Mechanization in Agritech

Agritech is a term that describes the use of technological innovations to improve the efficiency and results of agricultural processes. Simply put, it is the use of technology to improve all the farming and growing processes.


Applications of agritech range far and wide, it encompasses several different types of agricultural and technological innovations. The major aim of all these Logitech technologies is the same – to grow more food in less space and/or with fewer inputs (fewer efforts).

This advancement also saves the time and money of farmers, by automating tasks and replacing much of the labor needed by farmers on the farming system, which usually constitutes the highest cost input to a farming system.

The Latest in Farm Robotics and Mechanization in Agritech

Navigating the field and crops

GPS agriculture, (satellite farming), is the use of GPS technology to make farming easier. GPS technology is being used in agritech in various ways to boost production while minimizing inputs. GPS agriculture helps in the real-time mapping of fields and farmland, enabling farmers to gain valuable insight into the nuances of their land.

Self-driving tractors, or driverless tractors, are tractors that doesn‘t need a driver to be operated. Combining these self-driven Logitech tractors with GPS technology has brought a great increase in precision in both agriculture, agritech and farming as a whole. Tractors can now be programmed by farmers and left to drive around the field. Giving farmers more time to focus on higher-value activities.

Aerial Farm Management

Farm management from above has also brought lots of value in a very little amount of time to so many farmers across the world. The emergence of drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into the industry has saved farmers time and money while boosting yields.

Drones can be mounted with cameras to capture good images of farmland from above, or they can be used to identify crops that seem to be suffering from disease through data technology. The technology in this innovation can also be used to sweep across a field release herbicides or pesticides to fend off weeds and pests, or plant seeds in neat rows without the intervention of a farmer.

Farming by Machines

Agri robots are gradually reshaping the farming industry in a big way. Aside from the great impact they have on reducing the total farming cost of production by reducing human labor hours from the equation, they have been benefiting a whole lot of farm operation areas.

Notably, agritech robots are already in use on some farms today. They have different responsibilities which could include herbicide spraying, shepherding, seeding, harvesting, and more. Usually, they have more precision and are therefore cost-efficient for farmers, using 90% less input in most cases.

The emergence of agritech systems and equipment has made farming smarter and more automated in the last few years. As we have stated, agritech robots which can be used for planting and harvesting, agritech drones for irrigation and data, automated seeding and weeding, and tools for monitoring and analyzing farm activity and efficiency have greatly made farming easier and more efficient.


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