Accounting Software for Small Businesses – The Best Accounting Softwares for Small Businesses

Are you looking for Accounting Software for Small Businesses? By the time you are done reading through, a solution to your accounting challenges would have been provided. If you don’t know anything as regards accounting software for small businesses, this article is the best for you.

Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Accounting Software for Small Businesses

In this article, we will provide you with enough information for you to know that the use of accounting software for small businesses is not difficult at all. We will be giving you some accounting software that possesses great features for you to use. All you have to do is to read through and you can finally overcome that accounting challenge in your business.

The Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

It is necessary for businesses to have accounting software for proper recording. There are lots of accounting systems that can be used but the challenge is in knowing which one is the best system for you to use. You can go through the list we have provided for you below to decide on which accounting software you think is the best for your business:

Wave Accounting Software

This accounting software is easy to use, has many features and you can easily get help from accountants. The disadvantages are that it has limited mobile apps, it is not scalable, and it has poor customer support.

Other features of the Wave accounting software include reports, item management, contact management, and receipts. Wave has a Zapier integration that connects with above 1000 third-party apps.

Wave is also an accounting software that is not expensive, it has a UI that is well organized which makes it well known amongst many others. You will find it easy to make use of the wave accounting system even if you’re a newcomer.

Zoho Books

This is an accounting software that gives users unique invoicing and it has strong mobile apps. It has advanced features, it is not expensive, it is quite easy to use, it has good customer support the few cons are that it does not have a payroll, it has limited integrations and it is not suitable for large businesses.

Zoho Books has three pricing plans that are expensive which range from $9 every month to $29 every month depending on which you can afford. The bigger the plan, the more users, contacts, and advanced features you will be able to access on Zoho Books.

Zoho offers users 16 invoice templates that are customizable, it also offers its customers a client a portal to make a direct payment of their invoices online. There are also amazing features which include bank reconciliation, charts of accounts, accounts payable, and fixed assets management on Facebook.

Zip Books

Zip books is an accounting system that was launched in the year 2015. It is a very easy-to-use software system. It has a free plan, ample automation, and also a lot of users. ZipBooks has a great UI and also good customer support. Some of its cons include having no inventory feature, having limited invoice customization, and also limited apps available.

Zip books pricing has three pricing plans which range from $0 every month to $35 every month depending on your pocket. The higher the pricing, the higher the pricing you get to enjoy.

Zip books make use of the information you input to make provision good business ideas for you and it also have a very good interface. ZipBooks also has additional like time tracking, reports, category tracking, and project management.


FreshBooks is an accounting system that is very easy to use and does not possess any accounting jargon. It had good mobile apps, various international, strong invoicing, and also good customer support but some its cons, on the other hand, include the fact that it is expensive, it possesses a limited number of users, and its features are limited.

FreshBooks had three different plans which range from $15 every month to $50 every month depending on your choice and it is only in support of a single user, additional costs will be added if it exceeds a single user.

It possesses two invoice templates that can be customized and it gives you access to chat directly with your customers. Other features include project management, reports, and time tracking. More research can be done on Google.

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