A Major Contribution to Open Source Have Been Made By Facebook

The news circulating right now is that Facebook just made a major contribution to open source. According to TechRadar, Facebook has announced that it’s transferring the already open-sourced Ent project, an entity framework for the Go programming language, to the Linux Foundation.

A Major Contribution to Open Source Have Been Made By Facebook

Ent was conceptualized at Facebook as a way to streamline the procedure of building and maintaining applications that comprise large data models and was released under the Apache license in 2019.

After fostering Ent’s community for a couple of years, Facebook has now decided to move the project under the governance of the vendor-neutral Linux Foundation.

“With the move to the Linux Foundation’s neutral governance model, we (on behalf of myself and the rest of the Ent maintainers) hope to double-down on growing Ent into the industry standard for data-access in Go,” said Ariel Mashraki, Ent’s creator and lead maintainer.

A Major Contribution to Open Source Have Been Made By Facebook

A lot of people still don’t know about the major contribution to open source made by Facebook“Open” may not be a word that instantly springs to mind when discussing Facebook, but Infer is the latest in a long line of open-source projects Facebook has initiated. The company actually has over200 projects on GitHub.

It newly open-sourced HipHop VM (HHVM), a virtual machine for executing programs written in PHP; and it also released React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, which has subsequently been used by the likes of Dropbox, Yahoo, and Adobe.

Foundations and partnerships

Facebook also continued to work toward the goal of collaboration and support of open source projects. One of the ways they claim that they worked to achieve this goal in 2019 was through foundations and partnerships with organizations that are passionate about their respective communities.

Developer Tools

Developer productivity was the theme of the year. Our engineers open-sourced Retry to make refactoring and code modding Haskell faster, easier and safer.

For those who work with the SQLite library, Facebook shared the CG/SQL project that allows developers to write complex stored procedures with extensive queries without the manual code checking those existing methods require.

Some Facebook Open Source Projects You Must Know


PyTorch, an open-source deep-learning platform developed at Facebook, experienced rapid adoption and an expansion of its ecosystem in 2019. During our annual PyTorch Developer Conference, we announced major updates to the platform, such as the launch of PyTorch Mobile.

This new platform allows for an end-to-end workflow for PyTorch models to be deployed on mobile devices while keeping performance and optimization concerns in mind.

Mobile and web

React and React Native remain very active and continue to lead our web and mobile open source offerings. Both were showcased in our technical talks at F8, in classroom sessions, and through our podcast, The Diff.

As mobile applications grow more sophisticated we are increasingly focused on improving the developer experience for portable devices.


Facebook also remains committed to an inclusive payment technology that is also open source. They refreshed the developer experience for the Diem Blockchain (formerly Libra) with new documentation and follow-along tutorials.

The docs start from ground-zero, walking you through fundamental concepts powering the Diem Blockchain, all the way to building your clients in Python, Java, or Go with their official SDKs.  You can get more details from this link.


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